Diet for cuts

please somebody help with this one , it may be redundant but I don’t care I have used Dan Duchaines Body Opus diet, with a lot of success, but it just plain makes life hell… nobody at work wants to be around me, cause I’m grumpy as ( ),the nausea and cold sweats aint too much fun either and I have got to remember the fiber, get it, the fiber, seriously anybody got any suggestions, I take my training seriously, its just a heckuva lot harder the older I get

T-dawg 2.0 has a great track reacord on this site…look it up in the search engine bro

The New Diet Manifesto

What about Lyle McDonald’s new Ultimate Diet 2.0?

The UD2 is not for beginners or men over 15% bf. However, if you are already fairly lean, it’s the best diet available to get incredibly lean while retaining LBM.