Diet for Building Muscle and Staying Lean


I’m probably going to try that Tanita scale again soon to see if anything has changed, I’ll try to do it the at the same time of the day as last time. I should probably do this once a month.

That’s a plethora of vitamins you’re taking, a multivitamin seems simpler for me. I could probably eat more fruit and vegetables. I bought a calf liver last week and it was enough for 2 dinners, with brown rice and soy. I’ve started to eat 4 eggs for lunch in order to get enough fat during the day. I’ve had eggs for lunch this entire week.

To be honest I don’t think there is such a thing as not built for squats (unless you’re born with a serious deformity) as it’s a natural thing for humans to do. Not necessarily with a barbell but to sit down in a squat position is common.

As for my squats I can’t say it feels clumsy, sure there are some kinks and small things to fix with my form. I’ve posted form checks on this forum before, here are some link to my threads:

This was at the end of January when I hit the 225 lbs mark

This is a thread I made recently due to having trouble with knees caving in, which seemed to just start out of the blue. I’m going to upload some more videos to that thread in a moment as per request.

I’m about 185cm tall, and I have no problems squatting down so that my hips are parallel with my knees or lower. When I stretch before squats I go “ATG” so there is definitely no problems with flexibility.