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Diet: For a Friend

One of my friends has learned about my lifting ect… and has started to get into it and has started lifting but wants to have a solid diet and I thought it would be Good to have some help from you guys. We are total opposite body types so I didnt wana have him waste time on any mistakes I might make in suggesting a diet…

he is 5’10 about 130lbs with probably 16% bf. Now the problem atm is… hes jewish so hes keeps kosher… lol. He cant\wont Drink Milk and cant eat beef or pork.

The options that remain open: Eggs,chicken,fish,turkey ect…

It was my opinion that he should bulk because hes pretty weak atm… he runs track lol. So whats the point in cutting nothing…

Anyway again

Age: 16
Weight: 134
BF: Guess is around 16%
He is a Runner but Ive convinced him to put on some muscle for the sake of removing one more mccully culkin from the world.

So just give any suggestions for A diet or weightlifting routines if you feel so inclined.

if ur jewish friend is struggling with finding a kosher protien blend get him to visit;


Jewish people can eat beef and drink milk…you just can’t have milk with a meal were there is some form of meat, I don’t know what sect of Judaism your friend belongs to, but in mine (and most others) that is the rule.

I think what your friend is worried about is whether the mass manufacturers would use specific E numbers as flavourings or stabilisers that are deemed unkosher.

Since both whey and casein protein are products of a process that does not involve the killing of an animal, they orginate from cheese and milk then “kashrutt” is not required. However depending on how orthodox your friend is he may need his food products to be blessed or certified by his local bethdin council.

If he needs only the former then I suggest he buy from myprotein.co.uk (MP56406 for 5% off ) and order bulk refill bags of unflavoured whey or milk protein. However if were to require the latter as well then it would be a good idea to phone either his local bethdin or speak to his rabbi.

Either way if he has a kosher kitchen he will have to store his whey or casein in the daily side of the kitchen since both powders are sourced from dairy products. Do not even think about buying rice/pea/soy protein powder as apart from soy the protein chains are incomplete so would require the addition of legumes to complete.

I am Jew btw…

Considering your friend has been restricted from Gods gift to man… Bacon, i suggest turkey bacon.

Can he have cheese? If so that’s where whey comes from and tell him that.

On a side note i was unaware jews could not eat beef or milk.

Put him on.

150g+ protien
WS4SB(west side)

3000 kcal,
200g protein,
eat 5 times a day, as well as a PWO drink of gatorade and whey,
Get him to the gym 3x/week squatting, pulling, and pressing- Rippetoes, WS4SB, EDT, they all work.

And… you’re set.

A Jew may drink milk, and than wash his mouth, and than eat meat.(Shulchan Aruch, Yore Deah,89,2).

It is customary that after eating hard cheese (Cheddar,Edam,Parmesan…), you wait 1/2 an hour before eating meat.

Also fish and milk are allowed to be eaten together.

Beef IS kosher meat (Assuming it has been slain according to Halacha).