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Diet Flip Flop?

Currently doing CW’s total body training (1 day on,1 day off), my goal is to slowly gain lean muscle and maintain or lower my current level of bodyfat (about 10%). I was thinking about eating 500 calories over maintainence on days where I lift, but then eat 500 calories under maintainence for days I’m not lifting.

Is this a good idea? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks guys.

UM WHY?? I tried it dont like it. You have to remember those days and time out of the gym are when you heal and progress you need the intake.

If your goal is to gain and do it lean just go slow. Why not 250 over everyday. then add more as your progress stalls or take away of you get out of hand??

I’m doing some calorie cycling these days, but I am nowhere near 10% bodyfat. If you are already there, you probably don’t need to do much by way of complicated tactics.

Add a little bit of extra food. If you get stronger and grow muscles, then good. At some point, you’ll stop growing on that… and you’ll need to add more food.