Diet Feedback

I’m looking for some feedback about my nutrition and if it seems appropriate for my goals. I’m 23 and roughly 6’1" 230lbs at 18% bf. My end goal is to get to 225 at 12% bf while maintaining/increasing my lifts.

My current program is:
upper (Bench focus)
lower (Squat focus)
upper (OHP focus)
Lower (Deadlift focus)
Arms (I think they are lacking)
Full body/ Big lifts (A day to do a little of everything and focus on form)

I also do HITT (10-15 min of sprints) after lower days and do LISS (20 min walking/elliptical/bike) after upper/arm days.

I do an iifym/carb cycling type approach with mostly good foods (chicken, beef, milk, rice, etc.) I do 3 days at 300 p/ 300 c/ 70f then 3 days at 50% carbs and 1 refeed day.

I feel like my lift weight are going up fairly well but my fat loss is stalling and I’m not sure what I should do. I was thinking change my macros to 250p/200/c/80f but that drops my calories way down and I still want to have the energy to get a good workout in. Any advice/questions on my macros or my routine is welcome and appreciated.


To me it looks like you’ve got a few too many ‘moving parts’ with the macro adjustments you mentioned above… I would set your protein at 280 or 300 or whatever and keep that constant… From there just play around with your carbs and fat … ie if you’ve been maintaining 230 pounds on 300c & 70f, drop carbs to 250 and see what happens … Add in some cardio - say three sessions a week (2x HIIT, 1x LISS) … Once your fat loss stalls, drop carbs by 10g / day or bump up cardio slightly … Bottom line is keep it as simple as possible to make it as easy to track and measure as possible.