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Diet & Fat Loss Before Surgery

Ok so basically I have been busting my ass all summer (so far) lifting, eating right, and some HIIT here and there after work (landscaping like mulch shoveling and hauling). But, I hit some really bad news recently. I need shoulder surgery in july actually Friday the 13th of July…go figure haha.

But my goal is to lean out as well as I can before hand because I do not want to become a fatty during the 2 months that I cannot lift. Now i understand that my nutrition and whatever cardio I can do after the surgery will help but I just want to know if what I am doing is correct right now.

I weigh ~183lbs and at about 8-9% bodyfat

here is my diet:

-Muscle Milk and Milk
-Half cup of oatmeal
-Cup of black coffee

Snack 1 before lunch
-handful of peanuts and water

-2 Cups of salad
-Lean chicken breast, lean steak, salmon
-Extra Virgin olive oil and vinegar
-Muscle milk in water

Snack 2
-Handful of peanuts
(i was thinking maybe moving the muslce milk in water here)

-Lean chicken breast of some sort
0r Steak
or Some lean meat
-Green veggie

Snack or meal 3
-Muscle milk in milk
-Shredded wheat and milk (not the frosted crap)

Please help me guys!

Diet looks good. You will probably lose a little bit of weight after surgery (I lost 30 pounds after I had ACL recon), so it will be natural. Just be aggressive in your rehab, and you’ll do fine.

I hope you have a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.

I can’t remember any details at the moment, but sometimes people take specific nutrients and supplements prior to surgeries in order to speed recovery and so forth.

I also can’t remember if I’ve only seen this in respect to medical conditions as opposed to surgery for situations of a more physical nature.

Maybe some Googling is in order?

If your going to lean out do it Prior for sure good plan, Dont cut intake at all or much during recovery it will hinder healing if anything accept a little fat to be put on, No worries once your rolling again it will come right off and youll be back that much faster


I was thinking of a possible solution during recovery. Obviously cardio when i can, but also i think it would be good to take some Flameout…maybe that would help?

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