Diet Experiment

I am beginning a diet experiment that a few of you might be interested in. Its kind of a mix of Brock’s Fat Fast, The Protein Pulse idea and The Warrior diet. This is how it goes down: I will consume only Fish/Flax oil for the meals from waking until my workout. Prior to my workout I will consume half a serving of Surge, workout, and then consume the other half of the Surge drink. The rest of the day I will spread my protein-only intake over 2 or 3 meals. I will progress from fast acting proteins to slow digesting types as the progresses over the latter part of the day. The theory is that I will maximize fat burning by inducing deep ketosis by minimizing glucogenic protein from my meals. I also hope to kick anabolism into gear with the high influx of protein before and after the training. The carbs in the Surge will hopefully keep hepatic thyroid conversion intact. I am not too concerned with muscle loss as I have a high BF percentage (20%). I will be using Surge, Androsol, MD6, and T2. My training will consist of Meltdown training supplemented with light cardio. I hope to stretch this out for at least 8 weeks, unless It stalls or I lose too much mass.
What do you all think? Am I nuts or maybe I’m on to something?
Thanks Zalian