Diet/Exercise Combo for Stomach Fat Loss?

Me and my training group are attempting to get our combination of diet and exercise right to get rid of unnecessary stomach fat as our main goal as well as building muscle (if this is still possible- not as bigger concern). at the moment my schedule is like this;

830 wake up.

9 (meal 1) - porridge w/ raspberries and blueberries and boiled eggs. vitamin tablets and omega 3 tablets.

10 - gym (resistance training) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

11 (post workout) - phd whey protein shake w/ multi vitamin tablet on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

12.30 (meal 2) new potatoes, broccoli, and chicken.

2.00 - sprints on tuesday and thursday.

3.00 (meal 3) white fish and peas.

6.30 (meal 4) chicken and lettuce.

10.00 (meal 5) low fat cottage cheese and carrots.

12.00 bed.

Should our nutrition be different on workout days with cardio and on non workout days to my standard day involving only resistance training? Do you think there are any obvious mistakes in my diet? please help!

how tall are you? How much do you weigh? how long have you been lifting? How much fat do you have? How strong are you? How many Calories are you taking in each day? How much protein? How much Fat? How many Carbs?

you havent provided nearly enough information to get a real response.

visceral fat (like from a beer belly) is often the easiest to lose, and is fairly responsive to exercise. So eat less than you burn, keep training, and just wait for it to happen.

Also, you’re English, and your diet doesn’t list beer, so I can only assume you’re lying.