Diet & Excerise Thanks to T-Nation

I just wanted to post a few numbers and a couple thank yous to both the members of T-Nation and contributing writers.

When I started out this past summer '05 I weighed in at a hefty 317lbs at 23% bodyfat. I was by no means lean or in shape, I was however quite strong with a pwoerlifting background from football. The last time I tested at that weight I repped out 525 x 5 in squat(ass to ankles), 315 x 7 in bench press (still getting over shoulder injuries/surguries) and a 172.5 kl power clean (I think thats around 370lbs).

After ending my football career in college I decided to get into shape. I quit drinking, starting reading alot of nutritional articles, and much to my dismay…dieted and ran (started out just walking).

After reading a carb cycling diet on T-Nation I began to loose weight rapidly. I would do 100 carbs m,w,&f, my big lift days, and 60 t & th, more cardio (incline walking) & “pump days.” I incorporated a bit of the velocity diet as well liquid dieting on saturday and sunday. I would use 10 24g protein shakes, totaling about 30 carbs, mixed in water of course.

After this intense dieting for roughly 8 weeks I had dropped from 317 to 284. At which point I hit a plateau, I could not loose weight. I decided to swtich my diet yet again and incorporate “cheat days”, as well as the low-glycemic dieting I had been reading about.

On this phase of my diet I would have 125g of carbs a day. Only unrefined whole wheat breads, whole wheat pasta, veggies (no fruit), and nuts made up those 125g of carbs. My “cheat days” were sundays, I believed that my body just got used to whatever diet I was on after about 5 or 6 days and I wouldnt really loose anymore weight, therefore these cheat days would keep my body guessing. The first sunday I cheated up, I ate an entire home made whole wheat pizza with extra sauce and cheese (approx 400g carbs). Then returned to dieting at 125g the following week, that sunday I “cheated” down going back to the 10 24g protein shakes for the day maxing out at 1200cals and 30g carbs. After another 8 weeks with this style of dieting combined with more intense cardio I dropped from 284 to 262. WIth the weight ruduction I was also able to increase my cardio from walking and jogging to more intense all out runs, combined with joggs, in the interval training I got from T-Nation. 1:30min walking @ 3.5 mph @10% incline, then 2:30mins running @ 6.0 mph 0% incline, back and forth varying speeds slightly up and down 5 times.

I now weigh in at 247 @ 13% bodyfat. My strength numbers suffered, squat 455 x 6, bench 275 x 8, clean 165kl, but speed 5.2 40 to 4.79, and vert 27" to 30.5" both increased. My knees, back, and overall health have never felt better. I have dropped my colestrol from 276 to 194, blood pressure from 152/93 to 125/80 (history of high BP in family), back to drinking but only dry red wine, 1 bottle a week, and I am able to maintain my weight along with the diet through once a week cheat days followed by liquid protein dieting days that basically negate the cheat day. I eat 125g carbs everyday, still low glycemic, take in almost all carbs before 3pm (save 30g simple carbs PWO)and no longer combine fats and carbs in the same meals.

I would just like to thank all the guys on and at T-Nation for their support and information, and look forward to post BF/Aft pics when I get a camera. Stay strong.

Thats pretty awesome. Got any before/after shots?

By the way, your big 3 numbers despite having gone down, are still pretty damn impressive.

Edit: I just saw you said you were going to post pics when you got a camera, sorry.

Nice work,

Look forward to the progress pics

I don’t buy it…

Just kidding… Excellent work man! It’s good to know that you took the over-abundance of information on here and turned it into a winning formula!

Nice work! Quite an accomplishment… I’m sure you’ll get a couple of a$$holes on here saying they ‘don’t believe you.’

I like to give FFB’s the benefit of the doubt, because it sounds like you worked your ass off. Keep up the good work. Pics?