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Diet during week off of training


I'm wondering which diets people have found best for recovery during a week off from the gym. Hypocaloric? Low Carb? Maintenance level? I just ended a mass phase and plan on cutting when I start back next week. I was thinking of going low carb with one pc meal and 5 pf meals (pc being breakfast) to sort of kick start my fat loss efforts. My plan is to then go to a t-dawg 2.0 type diet when I resume training. For info I'm 6'2" 255 at about 18% bf based on my poor manipulation of calipers plus 2 percent added in for error and because I don't think I'm 16%. What have people done in my circumstance?


Eat maintenence or 10% above maintenance.

There's no reason to overly limit carb intake this week. Dieting starts next week right?


WHen I take time off, I always prefer to eat more on the excess side than to try to watch everything really carefully. I reason that I'd rather gain a little pudge (and I mean a little - how fat can you get in a week?!) and feel safer in guarding my muscles than worrying excessively.