Diet During Rest Week


During a rest week should I eat only to maintain weight, or add in a few hundred extra calories?

Would it be detrimental to go on a cutting phase during my rest week?


If you are resting then you want to recover fully, maybe you are not recovering fully when training normally nad having a week of if a good alternative to cutting back your normal programme, as long as the rest week is regular. I mean, there is a balance.

Why would you want to cut calories or suchlike and for a week. That would be defeating the object of a rest week. If I wanted to cut, I’d reduce calories and reduce workload in workouts to compensate and try and keep as much muscle as I could.

If you rest week has followed weeks of heavy training and a bulking diet you want to maintain the calories of the prior weeks maybe slightly less withoug some post workout meals. Keep fluids high and protein / fat / carb macronutrient levels high too.

You can perhaps shift the emphasis on calories to earlier in the day as you won’t have such a calorie burning effect if not actually working out. Its also not just muscles recovering, but the whole endocrine system. Don’t be tempted to stay up late because you are not wacked from training and get plety of sleep and relaxation. That way the following weeks of hard training will be maximised from having being rested.


thanks for the reply.

Should I continue eating ‘extra’ calories as I do during a workout, or cut back to a maintenance number?

thanks a lot!

Dude, if you have been lifting the week prior you don’t want maintenance calories, you want enough calories to gain mass during that week. Believe me, you want this week to be a total replenishment of glycogen storage and a rest for the nervous system which needs a goodly amount of calories.

If you cut calories, you pretty much are wasting your time having a week off. If you want to cut up, do a cutting cycle with a comparable eating and training program. Don’t just stop a bulking cycle to do a week of dieting, thats like going in the bath with yer clothes on.