Diet Down From 265

lads, at age 41,22% 54 chest 42 waist, i have i have had enough of going from large to fat! and there fore need to look at diet,thought about going to 100 or less carbs and upping to 250 every 4th day? will use a 3 days a week 10x10 superset method {gvt?} with 20 mins cardio before hand. any advice/help would be great.rik

1] Ditch the cardio. GVT done right will burn fat off of you by itself & believe me you will want to be running on a full tank when starting off. Leave the cardio (light intensity, so your breathing heavy/panting) till off days preferably, or at least after the weight training.

2] Don’t just mess with your carbs, make sure you track your total calories properly too. Lots of veggies, tea & some chewing gum are all your friends on those low calorie days if you have problems getting hungry/cravings.

3] Keep protein at 1.25g/lb lean mass at a minimum, and be super-strict about meal timing.

4] Use a callipers to track your fat loss progress rather than scale weight. Don’t go below 12kcals/day/lb lean body mass - if the fat loss slows down add in longer cardio sessions (low intensity).

I have been having good luck w

Dr. John Berardi The Metabolism Advantage

Available at amazon etc for around 15.00

He writes for T-Nation, and has some really solid ideas about nutrition. Search around the site to get a flavor of his thinking.

He also has an online program called Precision Nutrition which many here swear by. In my understanding The Metabolism Advantage is a more simplified version of PN – it lays everything out for you, where as PN is more flexible.

cheers guys, i really want this, might even post some pics! thanx rik

Just my two cents here…

Speaking as someone that went from 375 lbs to 185 lbs, I’d recommend ditching the dieting idea altogether. If you were eating right, you wouldn’t have put on fat in the first place, so the goal should be to learn how to eat right every day so that you lose the fat you have and never accumulate more.

IMHO, the only diet that makes any sense is a healthy diet, one that you can eat every day for the rest of your life and stay healthy. I follow the Precision Nutrition guidelines and the only difference for me between losing and gaining is my total calories for the day. When I want to lose, I eat less of the same stuff that I eat more of when I want to gain.

The main point is that I have learned to eat healthy and I know exactly how many calories a day I need to lose or gain or maintain. I decide how many cals a day I’m going to eat, divide by six and presto, I know how large of portions I’m going to eat at every meal. It’s simple, easy, and my bf% is always in my control. I’m a simple minded guy, so I keep it simple. As always, your mileage may vary.

One thing I would suggest is saving your cardio for after your lifting, not before. Yes, do your 5 minutes of warm up and some stretching, but save the greater amount of your body’s energy for your workout. I try to do my cardio on “off” days and, since you are working out 3 times per week, you might be able to save the cardio for those days when you aren’t lifting.