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Diet Critique

Hello guys i am a 17 year old male who is 120 pounds and is 5 foot 8 inches tall… i know im skinny i am involved in xc and track… i also weight lift about 5 times week. anyway i am trying to maintain a good weight not bulk or anyhing but need your advice on my diet…

breakfast 3 scrambled eggs (2whole/1white)
toast with pb and j and oats
with milk

snack balance bar with apple

lunch 1 serving of oat bran and toast with pb j

snack pwo whey with banan and rasian

dinner turkey burger with milk or something maybe veggies

all about 1500 -1700 calores…with 120 g or protein

is this a good diet to maintain my weight and possibly allow me to build more muscle and not gain fat?
my usual diet usually consiste of 1500 or lower cals but im afraid if i bump up to 2000 i will gain fat and not muscle is this true? or with it just allow me to build more muscle…thanks alot…

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Lifting weights 5x/week provides more stimulus than you have calories for. You MUST bump it up to 2000 calories, and more. If you get your calories from good sources AND NOT McDonald’s or pizza - you’re good. You will remain cut and gain more muscle. Past that it’s your training and sleep.

Skinny guys should not be afraid to eat more. One of the benefits of 5x/week lifting is that you will stay cut with less regard to diet. Your body constitution is geared towards low body fat so you can pretty much eat any and everything you like.

Good lord you are barely eating enough to survive and get out of bed let alone run Track and lift 5 days a week. Your performance HAS to be suffering do to that intake.

I would up those k/cals a LOT though slowly and get your metabolism back on track.

How is your energy etc???

my energy is on a not really low… i mean im never hungry to eat all the time and i get bloated alot if i do eat a good bit… like that meal wasnt hungry for anything except the breakfast i guess bc i was bloated…i dunno… my performances are not that great in running…so im trying to eat a little more

[quote]Serd wrote:
is this a good diet to maintain my weight and possibly allow me to build more muscle and not gain fat?

it’s a really good diet… to be a skinny guy forever…

I’d say you just need to LEARN how the hell to eat more. You may need to turn to foods higher in density at first. Lots of liquid k/cals, etc. and just make an effort to eat MORE. with all the runnig etc you could use a HIGH amount of carbs.

I am betting your performance will be greatly improved by possibly even at LEAST doubleing your intake.

You may want to get in touch with TriGWU hes an endurance atheltet and may be able to help you a bit.



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