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Diet Critique

Since January I’ve been following this diet just about every single day. Looking to put on muscle, without the fat, but not in a true bulking phase I guess, since my main goal is strength, and an ankle injury is keeping me away from squats and DLs much of the time, both big mass builders. Anyhow, I get five meals a day, once in a while six, very rarely only four. Daily diet looks like this:

Can of tuna fish
Chunk (3 sq. inches or so) of cheddar cheese
Chicken breast (100 grams)
Small bag of vegetables

3 chicken breasts (350-400 grams) or equivalent amount of turkey steak, or occasionally ground beef or steak
2 slices wholemeal or other wheat bread
Pint of milk
Small bag of carrots, beans, or broccoli

Met-Rx shake with banana, pint of milk, some water

100 grams almonds or walnuts

2 scoops Low-Carb Grow! with tablespoon flax seed oil, 2 tablespoons extra virgin oil, 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter
(Right before bed, post-ZMA)

Sometimes a clean restaurant meal or something else will sub in for the tuna fish meal, but otherwise this stays pretty constant, with just changes to which vegetables or meat is eaten. I also try to drink four liters of water a day (probably get closer to three though). Total breakdown is about:
Calories: 3600
Protein: 310 Grams
Carbs: 195 Grams
Fat: 172.5 Grams

This may seem kind of rigid, but I think I need that, something that makes meal planning and grocery shopping simple, and has a few portable meals (shakes and nuts). I put weight on pretty quickly at first, seems to have slowed a bit though, and that’s not the only goal. I’m tempted to cut back on the milk, but it’s been a quick and cheap protein source for me for years. I don’t like eggs, and I can’t seem to get cottage cheese where I am now (England). Oh, and I’m 6’, 200, with bodyfat around 12%, maybe a little bit higher. Thoughts, critiques, advice?