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Diet Critique

I tried to make it compatible with my school schedule, hence the many MRPs.

Still bulking.

Tell me what you guys think…



What’s up Tryin…

How’s the weight gain coming along?
Are you still doing JM’s program?
The diet looks good…MMmm–buttermilk…


Is that enough calories to bulk on?
Seems kind of low for a 200 pounder. I could (and probably am) wrong though.
Another thing. What does Buttermilk taste like? Do you like it or is it just convenient?

I’m with frontfacelock on this one that sounds way low to me. I am only 170lbs and for bulking I should be eating around 4800cal a day acording to John Berardi’s Massive eating. So common sence tells me that if I need that much you weigh more and probably need more cals than I do to gain. So read up everything you can find on nutrion/diet from JB and see if I’m right on this or not. Good luck.

John Beradi figures his calorie requirement to be 5116 cal/day!
He weighs 200 lbs at 5%bf.
His requirement MAY be a little higher than yours but, you should be pretty close in terms of calorie requirements.

I think your diet looks pretty good! I would increase your fat content though, maybe some flaxseed or olive oil mixed in with your shakes. The calorie intake is good though for slow packing which is optimal. I take in about 4200 a day for bulking (210-230lbs) when I try to go over that I gain too much fat and feel sluggish. Keep up the good work!!


Maybe the calories are low. As the otehr posters have said, take a look at Massive Eating.

But also… and maybe this is just me doing my impersonation of a “vegitarian aerobics instructor”, fiber is conspicuously absent in your diet.

That stuff’s gotta get out too, and fiber helps.