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Diet critique

Hey guys,
I’m in the process of bulking and wanted to know what you guys think about my current diet.

Right now I’m taking in 4200cal/day.

230g Protein
300g Carbs
235g fat ~ 2:1 mono to poly.

31% Whey
15% Egg
27% Casein
62% Flesh

I have 3 100g carb meals. (Mostly oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, apples, and dextrose, green veggies (in that order)).

The fat is distributed equally amongst my other 3-4 P+F meals.

Why such a high fat intake? I just cant eat anymore clean carbs! And I dont want to switch to eating bread, rice or sugary treats.

I figured that the three carb meals, even if they only contain 100g carbs would be anabolic enough.

Anywho, I tried to condence it as much as possible, let me know if something is missing.


135%? Some people will respond well to such a high fat percentage while bulking, but most won’t. You may want to include some carrots, basmati rice, fruit in your oats, etc; or, you may want to try CWs PWO feeding recommendations.

clintpatty : Was CW’s PWO recommendation in an article or post?

My bad.
It should have read:

31% Whey
15% Egg
27% Casein
27% Flesh

You could really use a better screen name.

I think this is where it originally came from: