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Diet critique please


Ok, I have been slowly phasing into the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. Can someone critique this diet on 2 levels.

1) In terms of efficiency towards seeing physical results.

2) In terms of health associated with nutritional content.

I am 186.4 pounds. Male. 18-20% bodyfat.

9:00am -
MRP 50p, 28c, 5f
11:00am -
Oatmeal, Beefjerky 29p, 37c, 5f
1:00pm -
Beef + Vegetables 36p, 32c, 11f
3:30pm -
Beef + Vegetables 36p, 32c, 11f
6:00pm -
Egg + Cheese, Peas 28p, 14c, 20f
9:00pm (post work-out) -
MRP 24p, 47c, 7f
11:00pm -
Salmon + Vegetables 44p, 10c, 14f

Totals: 250p, 190c, 72f (2408 calories)

Thanks. I would appreciate this beyond compare :slight_smile:


The protein looks all right but I don't see any EFA's in your diet except for the salmon. Where is your fish oil, flax oil, olive oil, or some form of nuts. I know EFA's helped me out tremendously in fat loss when I first started using them. Personally I would get rid of some of your saturated fats and replace them with some EFA's.


Too many carbs for someone dieting. If your trying T-dawg 2 the recommendations are less than 100 g.

You should be getting in more flax oil, and olive oils, and nuts for sure.


Some questions.

1) Why does T-Dawg 2.0 recommend 100g of carbs for everyone? Shouldn't this number be dependent on other factors such as the person's size, body fat percentage, etc? It seems strange that this number isn't scaled from person to person and is a flat 100g for everyone.

2) When people eat mixed nuts, exactly what kind of nuts are we talking about? What brand of nuts and what kind?



I don't think you read the article very closely. Try again.


I weighed 188 lbs, with 15% bf or so...and I needed less than 100g carbs. Stick with what works! There's some room for adjustment, but unless your ultra active you don't require more.

I have a hard time understand the logic (if any) of your diet.

1) Consume strictly P+F or P+C meals. Read John Berardi's guidelines.

2) Your carb intake is to stay under 100 grams. You can do it two ways: Do it half-assedly and eat more than 100 g carbs/day, or do it the way its meant to work, and follow the guidelines to the letter. No point in reading t-mags diets if youre gonna make up your own dieting rules.

3) You have 50 g protein for breakfast yet a measle 24 g for Post WO shake - whats the logic? Have a minimum of 35 g protein for your post WO shake.

4) You have carbs with every goddamn meal. Havent you read John Berardi - at all? Have only 2-3 meals with carbs: Breakfast, Post Workout shake, Post workout meal. 

5) If youre gonna eat carbs with breakfast how about choosing them wisely? How about some low-medium glycemic/insulimic carbs that are digested more slowly than the Maltodextrin in your MRP? Old Fashioned Oatmeal, Yams, brown rice, bran cereal, whole grain bread... they're all great sources. 

6) What kind of vegetables do you refer to in your 3rd and 4th meals? Potatos? Because I can honestly not see you eat 6 cups of mixed vegetables to get that ammount of carbs. 

 Its up to YOU to read T-DAWG diet guidelines, John Berardi's guidelines on carbs, and so forth. Either you read them asnd follow them to the letter, or you do whatever you wish, make up your own rules, and whine that results are hard a-coming. Which way are you gonna go?


This is all true, I need to be more careful with my diet. However, the article also says that a low carb diet should be eased into so I guess that's what I'm trying to do first. I want to see what kind of results I get with slightly higher than 100g carbs for a week and then get it closer to 100g gradually. I've never done a low carb diet before so I was kind of afraid to suddenly dive into it.

BTW, the reason why I only had 25g protein post workout is because Biotest Surge has 25g so I used that as a guideline for protein requirements.


Steihl wrote:

I've never done a low carb diet before so I was
kind of afraid to suddenly dive into it.

Here's a good diet and easy to stick with (2nd Q & A)

Don't diet by John M. Berardi

I would sub walnuts for mixed nuts (more omega 3 - 6)