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Diet Critique - My Turn...

OK, it?s time for me to finally do this. I know it?s probably the worst time of year, but I?d really like to lose the layer of fat on my gut.

I haven?t done it recently, but here?s about where I am body composition wise:

5? 8? ? 200 lbs. 33? ? 34? waist (depending on the pants I?m wearing) probably 18 % body fat.

Most of my fat is around my mid section, my gut? I don?t have love handles just a little bit of a belly and I want it gone. I?m have 4 bottles of MAG-10 to put to use as soon as I can drop some fat. With that being said, here?s what my daily diet looks like:

6:00 a.m. ? 5 egg whites, 1 whole egg.
? cup of rolled oats with a scoop of Low-Carb Grow!.

9:00 a.m. ? Egg & Cheese Omelet - 3 whole eggs, ? cup of 2% fat cheese

11:30 a.m. ? 1 bowl of Roman lettuce
4 oz of chicken breast.
1 TSP of flax oil and 1TSP Italian dressing.

2: 00 p.m. ? Pre and post workout shake made of 16 oz of skim milk
2 scoops of Low-Carb Grow!.

4:00 p.m. ? 8 oz of skim milk 1 scoop of Low Carb Grow!
1 banana

7:00 p.m. ? 8 oz of meat (chicken or steak or lean burger)
2 cups of veges.

Before Bed Sometimes ? ? cup of cottage cheese

Here?s what that should add up to (about):

           protein	carbs	fats	

             315	117	86	         40%	40%	20%	         50%	19%	31%		

Calories 1258 470 77
Total Calories 2504

Let me also add in that for a snack if I?m feeling hungry I?ll eat celery with PB or a handful of mixed nuts. I drink at least 96 oz of water a day, oh and I have a coffee with maybe a 2 TSP of vanilla creamer each morning on the drive into work. I know I?ll probably get crap for this, but? It?s gotta be done?

I also take a multi-vitamin in the morning and ZMA each night before bed.

OK? My other issue is I slack during the weekend. Not that I eat bad, I just don?t eat enough. I usually only get 4 meals a day in on the weekends. It?s not that I?m lazy or something it?s that during the weekends I normally sleep in so I miss a meal or 2 right there. How can I adjust for this without getting up at 6 a.m.?

I?d like to loose about 15 - 20 lbs of fat. I seem to keep my strength and size when I diet so I?m not worried too much about losing muscle or anything. Especially when I start on my MAG-10. What do you think? Is this diet effective? I?d like to try to go down to 2000 calories a day, but what should I cut out? Should I even consider this? What should I change about my diet?

Thanks for your help?


Ok, I’ll shine my wisdom [or lack there of :)] on a couple of things that I see could negatively affect your progress.

First, I’m not a fan of milk while dieting. Using milk for post workout means that you are using galactose as the main carb source for post workout…not a good idea. Also, I see your eating a banana for your Post Postworkout meal…Eating fructose at a time when your glycogen stores need to be replenished as quickly as possible is not a good idea. I guess I’m advicing to utilize better carb sources for your Post workout meals…Carbs that are digested quicker.

Only 1 response… I thought I’d get a ton of suggestions and critisism… Come on… Help a brotha out…

I don’t want to turn this into a post workout drink discussion there’s pleny of that going on here and I just noticed another forum about Milk. If Surge isn’t available or if you don’t have the funding to purchase a bunch of supplements, what else should you use? I thought JB recommended skim milk at one point with whey (Grow!) then I thought it was good to mix Gatoriade with whey (Grow). What the heck should I use?



6:00 a.m. ? 5 egg whites, 1 whole egg.
? cup of rolled oats with a scoop of Low-Carb Grow!.[/quote]

how about some berries in the oatmeal

add in some egg whites and lose most of your cheese and add in VEGGIES

Lose the Italian (most likely made of soybean oil) and try replacing with olive oil - you can add spices to it for flavor

maybe move the meal up to 12

Do you need a pre work out meal drink?
If you have to drink skim milk, maybe limit it to just a post work out drink and add in some gatorade powder eliminating the pre work out drink

Why so much skim milk?
How about a cup of oats and egg whites OR a scoop of Low-Carb Grow! Maybe an apple or a pear

looks ok to me

lets not make this sometimes how about all the time - and get in some walnuts or fish oil or some flax oil

Try a split of
40carb 30 pro 30 fat

or if you are carb sensitive
40pro 30carb 30fat

lose the coffee and switch to green tea - if you HAVE to have coffee at least lose the creamer

Im guessing that if you sleeping in on the weekends that you are probably staying up later, right?
well eat an extra late night meal or two to make up for the missed morning ones

Going down to 2000cal will most likely mean muscle lose depending on your intensity in the weight room - i think you are pretty low as it is -

Also fruits and veggies are your friend, use them for your carb sources for all meals except around your workout and here use slow digesting ones

Save the MAG-10 for when you get a better handle on your diet and are trying to gain weight - just my suggestion