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Diet Critique/Help


Hey everyone, I just want to start out with that I have read through numerous articles and I am no genius when it comes to fat loss, and a lot of articles seem to contradict each other or provide various ways to get to the same end. I will continue reading and using the search bar but I figured why not also ask for help from people who have done or know more about this than me, so thanks for any time you put into this.

My situation:
I go to college during the summer, I am able to eat pretty consistently but there are parts where I am forced to go 6-7 hours without food. I do not like carbs due to me being moderately insulin senstive.

My body type:
For simplified purposes I'm sitting at about 200lb on average throughtout the day
Last time I had my bf% measure was awhile ago, but it was in the single digits, now I assume to be sitting somehwere around 10-11%

A little about what I've been doing. I've been on a mostly low carb diet for a few weeks, and saw results. I slipped the past week due to travel but now I'm back into it. My carbs for the day consist of
8-16oz of skim milk with protein powder, post workout defenitely and maybe before bed
1 energy drink prior to workout(that I think I will be taking out)
Any fruits/veggies I guess I haven't kept track of, more below

I train quite heavy around 5-7 days a week, and am going to start doing low intensity early morning cardio which burns around 400 calories before any food intake.

I had cut out most of the fat from my diet, but realized my error recently, so bought coconut oil and EVOO for use in cooking/dressing

My meals:
Breakfast-4 eggs
Lunch-Salad and/or chicken starting to use EVOO instead of dressing
Dinner-2 chicken breasts
Snacks-include strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, Almonds, protein smoothie with plain yogurt

I just am really looking to maximize fat loss, and obviously as quickly as possible. I am going to continue to use low carb, but plan to add some more fat to the program. I understand this isn't a good long term diet, and after I drop beneath 200 steadily I plan on cutting it down some.
If anyone has any tips on how much fat/carbs/protein I should ingest a day. I know its around 30/30/40 but I'd prefer carbs to be even lower I think, and was wondering should fat or protein make up that deficit. I don't mind going into a high deficit for these couple weeks, just as long as I can still lift moderately and don't feel like passing out, and if I cutout the energy drink pre workout would a fat source give me the most energy to get through?

I guess I'm just looking if the low carb diet is optimal for my situation, or if I should just watch calories and not care about carbs, or if this is a personal pref and I just need to experiemnt the next couple months.

Just any tips is much appreciated to maximize this weight loss over the next few weeks, or just to reassure that I should keep doing what I'm doing, and again thanks for any responses.


Based on your sample meals I estimate your calories are at approximately 1500. How long have you been eating like this? If you reduce your calorie intake below 1500 for more than 3 or 4 weeks you are only hurting yourself.

If you are eating this little you don't need to do steady state cardio and burn an additional 400 calories. This gives your body 1100 to live on each day. On top of that you wrote that you lift heavy 5-7 days per week so lets assume you are burning a parsley 200 calories per lifting session. You are now giving your body 900 calories per day to live on. Bare bones minimum for a man should be 1500 calories. That is 1500 after the cardio and after daily activities. 1500.

Your at 900 calories and want advice on how to increase your fat lose?
My advice would be to start from scratch and design a healthy eating plan that will fuel your body.
Forget this fat loss thing you are doing.
To get you started: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/how_bodybuilders_should_eat


I'm not an expert, but here are two important points:

1) Based on your current size, I don't see why fat loss is your primary goal. Feed your body!

2) You have way too many hair products on your bathroom counter.


@jlone- I added some oil so I am increasing my fat intake and thus calories. I have not kept it at such a minimal level for long, I was eating more the past couple weeks I just cannot remember exactly what since I was on vacation. A burger here, some chips, steak, pancakes. This is what I am hoping to start to do, and those were the bare minimum that I was planning on eating. I do understand that lowering calories to minimal levels hurt, but I was wondering how you guys keep them at the 1500-1800 level while still maintaining low carbs, which is where I think the fat comes in. I know a problem I've had in the past is eating enough to GET to that minimal caloric intake, not the decreasing calories. I will defenitely look at that article in just a minute thanks.

@Ulty-do you mean I need to pack on more mass then cut or what? and to your second point I thank you for lookin out for me, but only one of those is a hair gel :stuck_out_tongue: does it look in my picture like I do my hair often ha? got contact stuff, toothpaste, body lotion, shaving cream, vitamins.


@jlone Just got done reading that article, and I cannot believe I haven't stumbled on it before. All I've read is the intermittent fasting, the vdiet, eat like a warrior, low carb, morning cardio, hi carb yadda that's what caused so much confusion for me. That was great thanks a lot. I will defenitely plan out a meal plan and see how it works. One more question, have you tried it? And how quick did you see some pretty good results, just wondering.

Other than that /thread as far as I'm concerned. Thanks again, and next time I'll clean off my counter to avoid confusion ha


On days that I eat 1600-1800 calories with carbs lower than yours..say sub 50gs for the day vast majority from green vegetables(most say aren't even counted)..I eat a lottt of protein..and the rest fats.

Get rid of the energy drink..it's really just soda. Eat pancakes and such if you want to but they are unneeded. I would up your calories to maintanence for a period of time and include atleast a 100gs of carbs per day for a week or two atleast. Then, cut this by approx 200 or so caloires..include morning fasted cardio..and train heavy. That is, if you insist on weightloss.

I think you'd be best to increase calories by about 200 over maint. ..include more carbs on training days and perhaps less and more fats on non-training days. And just do morning cardio about 3 days a week.