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Diet Critique for HS/College At hlete

Some background about me. I am currently around 168lbs, on the shorter side of 5’10, and am 18 years old. I don’t know my body fat but standing in front of the mirror I have a 4pack/faint 6pack but still some love handles. Currently I am in the middle of my senior lacrosse season (Goes from March 1st- May 23rd ish)and am starting to think about the summer and getting ready for fall ball.

My goals are a bit opposite, seeing as I would like to get bigger but be lean. My goal weight is to be roughly 185lbs by the time I step on campus. I am going to be playing lacrosse in college and as a defenseman the extra weight will help me against some of the bigger kids I will be covering.
I work with a strength and speed coach during the off-season, doing speed and sprinting technique 3xs a week and lifting 4x a week, core lifts and injury prevention stuff.

My diet is kinda that of a typical teenager but below is my plan for the summer to put on lean muscle. Please critique and offer some advice/suggestions/wise words of wisdom.

Sample of what a day will look like
Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Generic - Large Egg (Whole) 4 egg 280 0 20 24
Spinach - Raw, 1 cup 7 1 0 1
Greek Yogurt - Strawberry, 1 container 80 8 0 12

Bread - Whole-wheat, 2 slice 138 26 2 5
Chicken - Breast, 200 g 330 0 7 62
Apples - Raw, 65 17 0 0
Cheese (Cheddar), 1 oz 113 0 9 7

Lettuce - Iceberg raw, 2 cup shredded 20 4 0 0
Chicken - Breast, 250 g 413 0 9 78
Generic - Large Egg (Whole), 1 egg 70 0 5 6
Carrots - Raw, 1 cup, chopped 52 12 0 1

Snack for when I get hungry between meals
Almonds, 2 oz (23 whole kernels avg.) 328 11 29 12
Greek Yogurt - Strawberry, 1 container 80 8 0 12

Post Workout, mixed with water or would milk (1-2% be better)
Optimum Nutrition - Serious Mass, 1 Heaping Scoops (334g) 631 126, 2 , 27

   Calories Carbs   Fats   Protein	 

Totals 2,555 201 83 247

I a friend suggested I take the Optimum Nutrition- Serious Mass, have not ordered it yet, thoughts on this versus regular whey protein?
Also I am going to be taking fish oil, creatine malate, and a multivitamin.

My initial thoughts on this are that it is pretty good in regard to the majority of it being whole foods, not heavily processed, a good amount of protein but I am not sure if that is to much carbs and to little fats.

Not sure if the editing is working or not but the Optimum serious mass breakdown for macro nutrients is 631 calories, 126 carbs, 2g fat, and 27g protein