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Diet Critique, All Suggestions Welcome

Hi guys and girls,

Just looking for some feedback on my current diet. My current goals are to gain 15 lbs of quality mass (currently at 165ish @ 5’10) and build up my strength. As I will be competing next April in my first bodybuilding comp. As I’m at work, I’m unable to post pictures (I do have one upper body pic on my profile) right now, but I will tonight or upon request.

One important thing to take into consideration is that I am a Vegetarian, but I still do consume eggs and dairy to an extent. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

#1 Egg White Omlette - 8 egg whites, 1/2 cup onion, 1/2 cup bell pepper, 1 slice soy cheese
1 Cup of Oatmeal w/Cinnamon

#2 1 Cup Ground Round + 1/3 Cup TVP mix
1 large Sweet Potato
1 cup of Green Salad (Mixed Baby Greens), Snow Peas, and 1/3 cup of Almonds

#3 1/2 Cup of Brown/Jasmine Rice
1/2 Cup of Kidney Beans
1/2 Cup of Broccoli

#4 30 Grams of Whey Protein + Banana
Natural Peanut Butter Sandwich w/ 2 slices of Whole Wheat/Whole Grain bread

#5 1 Cup of cottage cheese w/Cinnamon

Post Workout Shake contains 30 grams of Protein, Waxy Maize, and 4 large strawberries

Post away with any and all advice/recommendations!

honestly man i dont see how gaining 15 lbs is going to help you with a BB show. being 5’10 and 180lbs isnt going to be enough after you diet down to contest condition IMO.

I didnt take the time to add it up but what’s your Calorie/Protien count of that diet plan you listed?


I should of mentioned that I’m shooting for the 155 division after cutting/dehydration, fail on my part. The competition is really just a new challenge for me, I’m pretty happy sticking around 170 and just working on my strength for the most part. As far as exact totals protein is roughly around the 1 gram per body weight mark (little bit of a +/-) Carbs are in the 250-275 area I do believe from my estimates, obviously with a lot of the vegetables it gets harder to quantify as I’m just going by online resources.