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Diet criticism

Height- 6’2"
Weight- 257
BF%- 18.5% (tanita bf scale)
LBM- 209.5
FM- 47.5

I started my diet Wednesday and I need some advice on what to change and keep the same to ensure great results. I plan on going for about 12 weeks and would ideally like to get down to 8-9% bf. I realize that I may have to extend the diet to 14-15 weeks to reach 8%. Overall, I’m not worreid about the numbers but how I look in the mirror.

Wednesday went like this:
Meal 1- 2 packets grits, 2 scoops whey w/ water, 1 yogurt—Pro 54g,Fat 3g,Carbs 72g, Cals. 550

Meal 2- 2 oz. cashews, 2 cups veggies, 5 oz. turkey breast, 4 fish oil caps---- Pro. 49g,Fat 35g,Carbs 26g, Cals. 610

Meal 3- Post workout- Gatroade, 1 cup milk, 2 scoops whey----Pro. 53g, Fat 3g, Carbs 52g, Cals. 435

Meal 4-(1 hour post w/o) Chicken breast, wheat tortilla, 2 slices fat free cheese, 1 apple---- Pro 48g, Fat 6g, Carbs. 51g, Cals. 450

Meal 5- 1 oz cashews, 2 chicken breasts---- Pro. 72g,Fat 19g, Carbs 8g, Cals. 500

Totals- Calories: 2465, Protein: 276g, Carbs 209g, Fat 66g

Meal 1- 2 packets grits, 1 cup milk with 2 scoops whey

Meal 2- 8 oz. 96%lean ground beef, 2 cups veggies, 6 fish oil caps, 1 oz. cashews, 1 slice fat free cheese

Meal 3–Post Workout- gatorade, 2 scoops whey, 1 cup milk

Meal 4-(one hour post w/o) 1 yogurt, 2 chicken breasts, 1 wheat tortilla, 1 slice fat free cheese, 1 banana

Meal 5- 4 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 4 fish oil caps

Totals- Calories: 2514, Protein: 278g, Fat: 60g, Carbs: 208g

I didn’t include totals for each individual meal ont he second day to save space.

Anyways for training I am doing OVT and for cardio I am trying the Winning Formula prescription, although i admit i may not get the 2.5 hours every week butI will do my best. Please criticize and give me ur advice. Thanks alot. Sorry for the length.


i forgot to mention supplements.
T2, Tribex, and ephedrine/caffeine before workouts hopefully i will be able to add some mag-10 and hot rox in the future


The diet looks good to me. But I donot think you are eating enough calories a day. You are a big guy I think you will burn yourself out before you make any real loss of fat. Eating enough calories a day to support your basic daily needs can actually do the opposite then what u want todo.

According to massive eating article your Resting Metabolic Rate is 2590. So your plan is not even covering that.

Eating not enough calories a day to support your basic daily needs can actually do the opposite then what u want todo.

That is what it should of said. I forgot the word “not”

yessssssssssss… more calories… that would be awesome… anybody else back this idea?

Breakfast looks crappy in my opinion - grits and yogurt? Have oatmeal and an omelette with a few egg whites and a yolk or two. Maybe throw some berries or add a banana. Try really dark bread too to mix things up. I don’t like the choice of whey protein first thing in the morning either - would rather you have some whole food proteins.

Get rid of some cashews and add some flax or olive oil - try and close into the 1:1 ratio of Omega 6’s and 3’s.

And definitely eat more. Think about this - just because you’re one pound lighter on the scale, doesn’t mean it’s all fat. If it is muscle you lost, you just became worse off. Feed your muscles. You have a lot of LBM to work with - 30lbs on me!


I support more calories. I thought you were posting my stats when you posted. I’m quite close to that. I know if I drop my calories that low, I do lose fat, but I lose muscle almost as quickly. I dropped 15 pounds in 3 weeks one time eating that way. Yes, the abs were starting to look nice, but I lost my arms. :frowning:

See how you feel being in calorie deficit and doing OVT. I know that I would feel terrible, but you might not considering you are taking in a decent amount of carbs every day. My totals are just like yours, but with the fat and carb grams reversed.

I say experiment. If you feel like sh*t, back off the training volume. If you feel fine, slowly replace some of those carbs with good fats.

Hi, there popasquat. My quick thoughts? (grin)

  1. Protein requirements based on your LBM are about 315g of protein. I’d like to see you getting that protein in, in smaller, more frequent meals. 7 meals at 45g per meal would be idea.

  2. If you’re trying to drop BF, I’d reduce or eliminate sugar and milk (and milk products). Milk has galactose and sugar is 1/2 fructose, both of which are sugar molecules that preferentially refill liver glycogen stores. And if liver glycogen stores are full, there is a greater liklihood that what you eat will be converted to triglyceride and stored as subcutaneous fat. That’s why most body builders cut out milk when they’re cutting for competition.

  3. Read up on post workout nutrition; i.e., John Berardi’s article on Surge. Gatorade and milk aren’t going to help you refill muscle glycogen stores. They’ll help make you fat, but won’t do anywhere near as an effective job of increasing protein synthesis, reducing catabolism, reducing DOMS, as Surge will.

You only need to lose about 20 pounds to hit the BF% you’re looking for. If you lose weight too quickly, you’re going to do so at the price of losing LBM. I’d shoot for a caloric intake just a little under your maintenance calories, creating your deficit with cardio, weight-bearing exercise and “activity.”

It will take a little longer, but you should be shooting for weight loss of a pound a week in the beginning (no more than 1.5 pounds), reducing the amount of weight lost per week the closer you get to 10%. Of course, if you’re using an androgen to protect LBM, then you can cut calories a lot more severly.

Good luck to you!!!

Thanks for the advice.
I will try to incorporate some of that advice about the fats and the breakfast. Just for right now I am going for convenience b/c school is keeping me busy, but in three weeks it is summer time and I will be able to concentrate on my diet solely.

Jared, thanks for the input from your personal experience. I will eb sure to bump up calories. But how much do u think 3000?

Phaedrus, OVT wasn’t hard the first couple of days , but today(day 3) I had to do arms and push the rest day to tomorrow b/c I can not train tomorrow. Consequently, I had to cut my arm workout short b/c I was feeling drained.

Terry, I see your point about the gatorade and milk. I can’t afford Surge right now though. I’ll take any donations :wink:
Also, I will read Berardi’s article. What do you suggest I use post-workout if I can’t afford Surge just yet?

In general, how many cals under our maintenance should we be during a cutting phase? (I’m about to start cutting…my general maintenance is 2700-2800). I know it can change depending on supplementation, so let’s say for someone who takes nothing but protein and MV’s. Does this deficiet change with anything other than supplementation (ie. LBM, total mass, etc)?

popasquat…I cant afford Surge either…but I make due with what my local gym sells. I drink a P+C drink that has 50g P and 50g C! Anything even remotly close to that would be better than gatorade and milk!!! Post workout drink is cricial for protein synthesis…so make that a priority. I also like the recommendation about cleaning up your breakfast. What in the heck are you doing eating grits everyday??? Your best bet would be 100% rolled oats with some protein powder, egg whites and a piece of fruit. Other than that, your diet looks pretty good. Just make sure you get more calories…;o)