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Diet Crisis, Patricia, T-Terry, anyone!

Ok here is the deal. my boss just anounced there is a comp in 9 weeks (April 12) and recons i should do it. this is the last comp where i live till about august, so i think, no i am gonna do it! here is the problem, i’m slap bang in the middle of a bulking cycle, and went a little bit silly, having put 2 inches on my belly. i am no where near the most muscular i have been (about 33lbs smaller) but i really want to do a comp, cause i keep putting it off year after year.
Now 9 weeks is a big ask, but i am prepared to nuckle down and do it, my training partner said he is keen too, so we can motivate each other.
i am going to slowly build up cardio and drop cals, cause i lose (muscle easily) satrting with 4 cardio sessions this week for ~20-30mins (mod intensity) and a standard 5 day split training 6-10 rep range. going to take t2 for 3 weeks then t2pro for 2 weeks then t2 again for the last 3.5 weeks till i carb up. is this ok, is it too much T2? diet is basically dont diet with 7 meals (4 P+C, 3 P+F)moving into a t-dawg four weeks out. mexthoxy at standard dose thru out. when should i start ECA,yohimbine etc? any help would be appreciated especially those who compete! its my 1st show! stress!
thanks in advance
PS i have photos of my fat ass so if ya wanna see them ask, stats, ask…

Hi, Whetu. My thoughts are that you MIGHT be able to lose 25 pounds in the next 9 weeks if you’re not on a carb restricted diet currently. If you have been on a carb restricted diet, then I’d probably drop the number to 15.

Obviously, you could lose more weight than that in the next 9 weeks, but at the expense of LBM.

Re the cardio, even though there are those who question its effectiveness, I’ve had positive experiences with fasted state cardio. Limit it to 30-minute sessions before your first meal of the day. I like to have a cup of coffee (with Splenda, but no cream or creamer) before I go.

Instead of the ECA stack, check out T2. Not T2-Pro. Do a search and read some of the forum threads on how to optimize the correct dosage based on temperature. Just promise me that you’ll cycle it. It should NOT be taken for more than six weeks, without cycling off, as it will down-regulate thyroid hormone production. Actually, I think the bottle actually says 4 weeks.

Whetu, you might want to start following Timbo’s thread on strategic carb refeeds (which are used in conjunction with low-carb eating). My quick recommendations along those lines are to calculate your protein at 1.5g/lb of LBM and eat reasonable amounts of green veggie carbs for your P+C meals, and supplement with 6-10g of EPA/DHA for one of your P+F meals and flaxseed oil for your other P+F meals. Plan on playing with the frequency and the amount of carbs on your carb refeeds. That’s what Timbo’s thread will help you with.

I wish you all the best, and I hope this helps. Any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

First of all: yes, let’s see pics. At this point, would be good. Also, what do you assume your BF% to be? I know when it comes to a BB contest, on the stage, it doesn’t matter. But when at 9-weeks out? It matters.
As for cardio? Don’t go crazy with cardio. I would recommend HIIT sessions. Sprinting, jump rope, on the row machine, on the eliptical. That way, you will preserve valuable LBM while stripping away fat.
Also, begin POSING. Pose your ASS off. Every evening, between sets: POSE.
You may want to look into a 5x5 program that is 5-days a week rather than 3. I was intending on using this 5-day a week 5x5 program for precontest as well. I believe Joel had outlined it in a previous forum thread. I’ll see if I can find it.
As what TT said: cycle carbs. This is where a diet journal is going to be VERY helpful for you. Document every morsel. Use the mirror, starting NOW, to monitor progress. If you’re going to use Methoxy, double-dose.
And another thing: visualization. VISUALIZE how you are going to look onstage. Period. I can’t say enough about how useful/beneficial this is.
Are you entering a Heavyweight Novice Class?

I agree w/ Patricia 9 weeks crunch time to prep for a contest. Unless you are already around 8%-10% bf and you look like you can go on stage.

I would agree w/ all that is said above. Practice posing. A lot new bodybuilders come on stage even though they may have great physiques their posing sucked and so they wind up not placing what they should have placed. Also don’t let up on the weights when your dieting. Train HEAVY! Like what Patricia recommends the 5x5 program would be good also. Also use the mirror as a tool. If you don’t think your ready don’t bother going on stage.

If you do think you look great then go ahead. Remember again to pose!! If you have Bodybuilding videos or pictures look at them and try and imitate them.

The great poser like Frank Zane, Vince Taylor, Lee Lambrada, King Kamali ect. Look at they way they pose and you’ll get the concept.

Good Luck…

sorry if replies are delayed, im in another time zone so everything is about 8 hours behind!
Stats: 6foot male, 204 lbs body fat is pretty high prob 15% maybe more. i’ll try to get photots up to nite. as of yesterday was on massive eating with about 450g carbs, 150 grams fat, 300g protein.
Training about 9 working sets on big muscle group, 3 on small 6-8 reps ~50mins
Mon: chest and calves, tues: back and abs, wed: legs, thurs: shoulders and triceps , friday: biceps calves and abs.
i am a natural ecto morph so i am guessing the fat should come off quickly. I have only dieted seriously once, came down from 18% to 10% in four weeks. the other thing is i cant use MAG 10 be cause it is a natural show and this is not allowed.
TT, i am going to take T2 (the original) at 3 per day from today for 3 weeks then t2PRO for 2 weeks then back into T2 original for the remaining 3.5 weeks. so i am never on T2 for more than 4 weeks but only come off it for 2 weeks while i am on T2PRO. IS THIS OK. should i drop the T2PRo out of the Equation and have a full recovery? when should i start ECA?
Should i drastically drop carbs now? i am think of going to 200 g carbs and 60g fat and 300g pro (4350cal down to 2540cal).
as for cardio i will take this week to get back into it, but i usually do HIIT anyway.
Posing. i am lucky to have worked with many national champs, so they owe me big time. and will help me with my posing. the prob i have is that the way i pose in the mirrior is different to that when i cant see myself, like the photos that i will put up. so i need to work on that.

Whetu, re T2, you need to read up on how to optimize the amount you’re taking. You don’t just start off with 3 capsules. You’re really going to screw up your metabolism if you do and you don’t need that much. T2 IS thyroid hormone. Doctors have recommended it to patients as an alternative to T3 prescription. It is not to be played with. It’s an extremely powerful/effective supplement.
As I suggested, do a search on T2 on T-Forums. Other than that, 3 weeks on 2 weeks off (with T2-Pro) sounds good.

Re the carbs, yes, I would start carb restriction immediately. Use T-Dawg 2.0 for guidance/structure. I go lower carbs per day than T-Dawg, but I don’t think it’s necessary for you to go lower than the carb recommendations in T-Dawg to get the results you’re looking for.

Good luck, and keep us apprised. And, of course, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. (grin)

Might still be able to grab MD6 from someplace like DPS Nutrition. If you have never double-dosed w/Methoxy before, you’ll begin to see results when you do.
The posing everyday, even between sets during training will assist in making your physique harder. It works. I guarantee it. Plus, I like to use my evening posing session as a sort of HIIT. What will also happen is get rid of that shaking that so many novice competitors have when performing compulsaries.
Continue with training heavy. Since you say you’re a natural ecto morph, this will be important. From here on out, it’s not about building LBM, but maintaining.
As was suggested: T-Dawg 2.0 will be good. Don’t forget about the EFs! And man, I would seriously consider Power Drive. Believe it would really help you, especially for the next 9-weeks!

You guys rock!

T-Terry, i have taken T2 last time i diet and dropped 8% in the 4 weeks taking 3 per day and found it to be fine. i was wondering more about doing concurrent cycles T2/T2pro/T2, but you think it should be fine? cool. I will investigate more!

Patricia & Fit One, i will take the posing idea from you, i am just changing gyms this week, to something a little more hardcore, and dungeon like. i spose im gonna have to get used to the staring, cause i’ll be on stage eh!

after a quick rethink, i think you guys are right and i will go for the T dawg diet, but slightly elevated carbs (glucose post workout, with oats and beans as other carb source besides veges/greens) for the rest of this week pre and post workout, to ween me into it. i’ll have to start dropping the oats and bean next week?
Fats are from Fish (salmon) oil caps (30%epa/dha) and flax seed oil. usually 10g of each at 3 meals at the mo. prob half that and put it in to 6 six next week, keeping fat at the same intake just spread out.

as for double doses Methoxy, just not financially viable, Patricia, its bloody expensive over here ($120 per bottle) due to shipping cost and our shit dollar compared to the US dollar. oh and im a returning student.

Also im gonna go on creatine to hold size and strength with the drop in cals, good idea?

Havent taken MD6 before (not totally leagal here) but i might give it a go, if i can find it. does it really help with carb cravings?

I will put up photos when they get sent to me in a couple of hours. any ones you in particular Patricia? relaxed, flexed…

Thanks again

Okay, Whetu, I’ve got you. Concurrent T2 and T2-Pro, no. Alternating T2 and T2-Pro, yes. (grin) That’s Biotest’s recommendations on the subject, that alternating between the two gives you the better result.

Hey Whetu,

Just one unimportant question- why does you BOSS control when you enter BB competitions?!

In all nosiness, SRS :slight_smile:

For photos: semi-relaxed would be good. Like how you would stand in the lineup or performing your quarter turns.
MD6 is especially good in curbing cravings.
Also, what bodybuilding org is your competition a part of? Obviously not NPC. I’m assuming a drug-free/natural organization?

The photo should NOW be up, have had trouble with the ol’ inter-web thing. Its the one of the fat guy with the tattoo on his guts and no head. I can add other photos or stats if needed, but i think this explains enough.
I wouldnt mind getting results like Kaleb (on the photo forum) got even if i have to keep dieting past the show.

All is going well at the mo
T-dawg diet P=300g F=60g C=100g

100g protein per day from shakes the rest meat eggs and fish.
Carbs, 45g post workout from glucose (with 50g whey) plus 25 g from some bran in the morning with my “2 yolk the rest white” omlete. Other is coming from veges and some in the whey.
Fat is mainly fish caps (20g per day) with flax 10g the rest from eggs and meat.

Oh, im competeing under the INBA organisation, and my boss is associated with it, i have told him i am gonna compete for so long i thought i might actually follow thru this time :slight_smile:

No offense. You have a lot of work cut out for you. About 8 more weeks left? Make sure you use the mirror as a tool.

But its managable. What a good idea is to take a photo week to week to compare the changes you made. Especially if you have a digital camera. Its a lot easier.

Cheers for the feed back guys
I know i have a lot of work cut out for me, that is why this is a crisis!
Seriously, I will deffinatly take up the advice of doing the photos each week, cheers fitone, and they will be posted on monday (NZ time). I will do “relaxed” poses. Front and Back?. If i am not sharp enough i can enter a non drug tested show, 3 weeks later and go in the athletic class, i’ll get my ass kicked, but thats OK. we live and learn.
diet and training are good so far… will keep you posted
thanks again

next photo is up, any comments? what are your thoughts on refeeds?

After a little drama my 3rd week phtots are up. this is just after my 45 min cardio AM fasted cardio session and just minutes before my refeed day. Ok that is a lie, its a cheat day, wendy’s and chocolate arent really refeed foods.