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Diet Coke

I agree it is definetly biased against aspartame!! He does provide some good documents (if you look in the archives on the left side of the page) about its history. He maybe on an aspartame rampage but its good to know what side effects it may cause.

I read the stuff and still enjoy some products with aspartame. Though I will admit, I don’t ingest as much as I used to.

Divine Wings:
The artificial sweetener used in most supplements nowadays are sucralose. Different to aspartame, different affects, etc.
Some also use acesulfame-k which I know less about maybe someone can add something about that one.
xxx-ol is different again; its basically sugar pretending not to be (overly simplified indeed).

[quote]Mod Brian wrote:
lixy wrote:
Diet Coke’s got a lot more caffeine than regular, which is usually a staple on fat loss diets.

This is not true.[/quote]

What isn’t? Diet Coke’s caffeine content with respect to regular?

If so, and with all due respect, I must point out that I didn’t pull it out of my ass. It’s from the August issue of the Journal of Food Science.

If you’re trying to say that caffeine isn’t “usually a staple on fat loss diets”, then you may be right depending on how you define usually.

[quote]kobe4life08 wrote:
ok thanks… caffeine should be a staple in a fat loss diet?[/quote]

I never said that. I merely pointed out that many people will use caffeine to overcome the “downs” of calorie-deficient diets. Read closer.

I personally am 100% caffeine free.