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Diet Coke


Hey guys does Diet coke really make you gain fat? ive heard it but is it just cuz maybe it causes you to have a bigger appetite which makes you eat more? or people think its ok to go eat fatty foods and as long as they get a diet coke, all is good? but all in all lets say you are eating healthy, is it ok for some diet coke? what makes people say it causes u to gain fat?


I've never heard the gain fat rumour before, but it's plausible that as you said, people think "I'm being healthy with my drink so I'll get ice cream for desert" which is flawed on a number of levels.

Regarding often consuming diet coke, as far as I know it has aspartame in it, which has some controversy surrounding it regarding safety. May be wrong however.


The smallest an leanest ive been I was drinking at least two liters of diet soda a day if that means anything



Supposedly makes you crave for sugars. So, the first thing you said.


Not sure if that should be taken at face value. There will always be freaks of nature (which in this case is a compliment) who can get away with just about anything.

Diet Coke's got a lot more caffeine than regular, which is usually a staple on fat loss diets.


Having read Phil's story I wouldn't call him a freak of nature for sure.

I think the Diet Coke causes fat gain is being short sighted. In my opinion people that drink sodas in general are more likely the same people who make bad food choices overall.


I've heard that just drinking a diet soda during the day will make you crave food. I know it happense to me. If I sit down and just open a soda half way through I'm thinking I wish I had something to eat to go with this soda. For me it has nothing to do with sugar or anything in particular I just want some food. I make sure I only drink it with my meals and not just whenever I'm thirsty during the day.


Aspartame produces a free glutimate which is fast across the blood-brain barrier and eats up your brains. So don't drink too much in school. In other news that shit (aspartame in sodas) gives me monster headaches now when i drink too much (read: more than one).



Do a search on "Diet Coke". There are several threads about this already.

I think it's mostly bunk from poorly designed studies but I suppose it's possible that the body's metabolism responds to artificial sweeteners in some way. Still, you can't get fat drinking something that contains no calories.


The study you're probably talking about noted that there was a correlation between drinking diet soda and being overweight. It did not establish a causal relationship one way or the other. What that means is that, for all this study shows, being fat could make you drink diet soda, or there could be some third element that leads to both.

Long story short, if your diet is in order, drinking something with no calories is not going to make you fat.


The really bizarre thing about this thread is that a majority of responders are Level 3 and 4 Biotest customers. Chances are, you've taken in plenty of artificial sweeteners from the Surge, MD, Spike Shooters, Spike pills (they contain sorbitol) and other products. This is food for thought.

Regarding the "bigger appetite" that the OP mentioned, WTF? Drinking carbonated water makes people feel full, not emptier.

People do decide, "I'm being good by drinking this Diet Coke, so I'll have [insert junk food item.]" That's not an intrinsic flaw of Diet Coke, though, that's just the foolishness of the individual consumer. So, as can be said for pretty much anything, Diet Coke can be misused, in the wrong hands.


Yes, it's a paradox. Diet Coke will actually make you fatter and the regular one will make you slim. Don't tell too many people and ruin this well guarded secret.



Diet coke: now with 50% less stupid!


This is not true.


Don't drink it.

It messes with your brain.


Diet coke is disgusting. If you want to melt you innards, use the real thing.


ok thanks... caffeine should be a staple in a fat loss diet?


There's a theory that drinking calorie-free sodas, that taste like they have calories, causes your body to want more calories, since it's not receiving them from the drink.

Not sure how much truth there is to that rumor. I'll usually grab a diet coke if I'm feeling like I need a little caffeine pick-me-up. Green Tea works better, but unfortunately our cafeteria doesn't carry that.


This has nothing to do with Diet Coke making you fat but if you want info on the dangers of aspartame go to this link......

just a little info...don't mean to change the subject of the post!!!!


I'm not a big fan of the FDA, but the the site you referenced is far from unbiased. It looks to be full of pseudo science and scare tactics.