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Diet coke

I am on a low carb diet and i was wondering how many carbs would a can of diet coke have? i looked on the can and it does not say. I know they have the “just one calorie” thing going on but i am wondering how bad would it be if i drank some. any help would be appreciated

no carbs. Diet coke has no calories I thought. It’s pepsi one that has one calorie. You’re basically drinking water, phosphoric acid, coloring, artificial flavoring and poly-saccharides… Nothing close to sugar has ever come close to it

Diet coke has no carbs. You can drink all you like without throwing off your diet, if you can handle the taste

look again. it does say it on there.

Nutri sweet has been found to cause glycemic increase comparable to that of regular sugar… I would check into that before you use it to replace your water.

Well thanks for the help everyone. I am not planning on replacing my water for diet coke i just enjoy one every now and then. Thanks for all the help people , it’s much appreciated.

Why would you want to drink Diet soda when you can drink water? I crave diet soda when I’m tired and need caffeine kick (I don’t drink coffee – hate the taste), and I can’t even finish the whole can most of times. Regular sugary soda’s even worse…tastes too nasty.

The only reason i want to drink it , is because i actually love the taste of it. Alot of people find it funny , but i do love the taste and if i drink say a can a day it gives me such a calmming feeling.

One 12 oz can of Diet Coke has 0.355 grams of CHO. Considering that it is under 0.5, it is considered not even worth mentioning. You would burn this opening the can.

Only drink diet coke if you want to fry your brain. If your diet coke gets above a certain temperature, then it turns to formaldehyde. (Gulf War Syndrome)

Gulf War Syndrome? Let me guess, you learned that from a frantic e-mail that was forwarded to a hundred people, right? Then you forwarded it to a hundred more? Geez, I hate these internet rumors.

Lebzeplin, here’s a quarter. Go buy yourself a clue.

diet coke? thats bad…the fact that it says diet does mean anything, diet coke might get you full for a while but it lowers your matabolism and anything u eat after it will be fatning.

simon, could you please reference the studies indicating diet coke’s effect on metabolism and subsequent fat gain? Thanks in advance. Heb

Don’t do it! Even if it doesn’t have ANY calories. Just take one look at the ingredients. How many are there and do you know what they all are?
In moderation it probably won’t kill you but long term it can do plenty of damage internally. My answer…good old H2O!!! Nature’s finest.