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Diet Coke and Coke Zero


What is the difference? Which is the best? Is diet soda physique friendly?


No..water is best


Bullshit, drink all the diet pop you want. People who say water is the best is right, but diet pop and stuff like crystal light is just fine.

If your one of those paranoid types, I may see a problem with it, but if your a normal human being, drink it up. It's a great way to curb a sweet craving.

It's very physique friendly in my experience.


It's not that I disagree with you Mike but I have noticed it seems to me that way more obese people drink diet sodas then fit people I know. The problem may lie with the four burgers they had for lunch and not the diet coke, but it's just a weird trend I have noticed.


so do millions of americans that are not obese. theres no correlation


Maybe I am ignorant but isn't America supposed to be the fattest country, so maybe there is some sort or correlation. I have tried to read up on the subject but the internet seems to be full of links claiming; Diet Pepsi gives you cancer, or Diet Coke will make your dick fall off.


If you have to have something sweet, diet soda beats most other things out there as far as having negative effects on your body. Just be careful about artificial sweeteners like aspartame and phenylalanine, some say they are addictive.


Ej, nothing wrong with the stuff, perhaps the sweeteners can cause a insulin spike, or at least I believe they can, and perhaps that's the reason why some companies pack their whey powders or creatines with tons of aspartame. :slightly_smiling:

hmm as I recall, Jonny Bowden mentioned something about diet cokes elevate insulin almost as effectively as sugars.. but I don't think that there's anyone, who relies on them instead of water. ^^


Yeah, too much of just about anything in your body will kill you in some way, so I'd suggest having what you want in moderation of course.


coke zero is the sugar free version of coke
diet coke is the sugar free version of new coke, a now discontinued product

they also do not use the exact same artificial sweeteners but i dont think there is a strong opinion that one is better or worse

as for health benefits i wouldnt worry about it, some say it may be bad but i dont think anyone can argue that it is more important to drink water instead of diet soda than it is to eat fruits and vegetables and have a good overall diet. most people including myself should worry about keeping other parts of their diet in check before crusading against artificial sweeteners which may possibly have a small detrimental effect


Coke Zero does not citric acid and has a higher amount of Ace-K in the mix.
Diet Coke has citric acid and a lower amount of Ace-K in proportion to Aspartame.

Ace-k does raise insulin - a little, but in the grand scheme of things, it saves 200 calories a bottle(591ml).


In terms of flavour and composition there isn't much difference. The reason for differentiation is purely marketing.

Coca Cola realised that health-concious men would be reluctant to drink diet coke since it has strong correlations with women and their sexuality. This is due to their ad campaign - one particular advert starred three women in an escalator which gets stuck, a man with long hair and other perceived attractive features comes to save them.

Whereas with Coke Zero, they marketed it to men. The most recent Coke Zero advert consisted of a man in a woman's apartment, she slips off to go to the shower and her parents happen to turn up at the door, all of a sudden men clad in body armour and grappling equipment burst through the window and remove the guy from the apartment

Diet coke ad - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0O8t4zXQy8
Coke Zero ad - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFakfPEw5Z8

It's purely image. There isn't any real discernible difference between the products.


What you're noticing is a phenomena where people rationalize a bad choice with a "better" choice they made recently. I know I did this a lot before I educated myself. For example: diet coke, low carb meal, cheesecake dessert. In some cases, people aren't that "good" with their rationalizing and some studies have shown that in extreme cases, people will eat twice as many calories while they make the "smart" choice like the diet coke.


I'll have a Big Mac, large order of fries, 2 sides of McNuggets, a Large chocolate shake...oh... and a diet coke... I'm on a diet, you know.


Yeah, nothing much to add here. I agree that there's nothing wrong with the two types of Cokes listed and crystal light drinking. I'm a Coke Zero-whore and I can't get off the Green Tea Crystal Lights. Mmmmm.


You putting the cart before the horse.

American's were fat. So Coke took the sugar out of it's drink to appeal to the "I'm trying not to be fat" market as well as the "F it, I'm a fat slob and like it" market.

The correlation is Coke added a product to meet a wider market. It is NOT that people got fat drinking a product Coke made for the fun of it.


Agreed, it is a superior product.


The difference is Sucralose in Coke Zero and Aspartame in Diet Coke.

They taste completely different. I, persoanlly, like most drinks with sucralose and none of the drinks with aspartame. Just a matter of preference.

If you aren't dieting for a BB comp there isn't a big problem with having a calorie free drink every now and then. Certainly better than having a full sugared soda even once. Cancer or diabetes is the real decision to make.

Sprite Zero ftw


diet mt. dew FTW


Lol, you're an idiot.

Why don't you go taste the two before you open your mouth on this topic again.