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Diet Coaches You've Had Success With


What coaches have you had success with?

Shelby Starnes seems to be the go-to guy on this site but he's also one of the more expensive coaches too.

Dont think i can mention the site but anyone use the other coaches from the same site as Shelby?

Mike Knowles, Chris Fox, Spangler, Bennet or Baer i think is all of them...

I dont know any other sources fr coaches but i've heard good things about Ken/Skip Hill.

Anyway looking for a coach in the next few weeks and would appreciate some feed back. Thanks.


I guess you've tried searching the other threads on the same subject.

Here's a recent thread - http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/online_trainer_help?pageNo=0#4260275

I think a few people on this site have worked with Shelby Starnes and I've only heard positive reviews. I am seriously considering this as an option (a combination of diet and exercise programming with him and learn as much as I can, but maybe only in the second half of 2011).

Are you looking to achieve a particular result like preparing for a contest etc?


yeah i looked through that but that was more geared toward contest prep

i just need someone for general fat loss.

i worked with shelby over the summer (progressive diet) but after getting shitty results i got blood work done and turns out i was(still am) hypothyroid and had/have low test.

EDIT: its been a process but im finally getting an RX next week so im hoping i will finally be lean by summer


Ah okay. Didn't realise you already tried SS. Could you do another try with SS after your blood work etc is all finished (sorry I don't know how it works but I'm suggesting is it possible to work with him again after you've fixed your test levels?). Anyway hope others chime in with suggestions. How did you know you had the hypothyroid and low test? A feeling or you were asked to look into that?


I actually have heard an occasional bad review about Shelby. Some have said he's very impersonal, others said that it was nothing new or that you wouldn't expect, others said they still seemed to lose muscle and had to do tons of cardio, etc..

That's not to negate the positive reviews he's had though


yeah i would do another run with shelby. its just he's 400 for 12 weeks and ive seen other guys as low as 200-250 for the same amount of time.

im a student still so if i can save 100-150 bucks that would make a huge difference although if it is strongly suggested that i go with shelby again i guess ill just have to make ends meet...

about the thyroid/low-test, i followed everything shelby told me to a T. i didnt cheat once, miss one session and by my last week i was on a keto doing 70 mins cardio 7 days a week... i think i lost like ten pounds total and a good amount of that was water weight. at that point i just knew something war wrong but i had to wait a while for my insurance to clear my blood tests


i did kinda get an impersonal vibe at first but then i figured he was just being professional (brief and to the point). also the cardio did get pretty high but ya gotta do, what ya gotta do


That is tough, it's never easy on the finances when you're a student.

Have you posted your background and desired goals and results here before (on this forum)? You've got the hard working attitude, guess you need the right advice to push you past the fat loss.


That's the one thing I've always disagreed with. Shelby knows his stuff, and he uses a lot of the same approaches I do, but I've always felt that he leans too heavily on excessive cardio. Sure some people would rather eat more and then spend hours 'burning it off', but I always figured that too much cardio (in addition to your training) can hamper your recovery (t-levels, muscle retention etc), and that you should always try to get by with as little as is truly necessary. Just my opinion though, I'm certainly not going to say anything negative about Shelby's track record :slight_smile:



Why don't we just pool our money together and I will give one of the other Troponin Nutrition guys a shot and report back. :slight_smile:


I am 10 weeks into a diet with him currently, muscle loss hasn't been a problem but I would agree that he is a bit impersonal.

Also, no his diets aren't anything new or anything you wouldn't expect, but that is what fucking diets are. Anyone who has been around bodybuilding nutrition understands what a carb cycling diet is and what it looks like, but setting a damn effective one up and making adjustments as fatloss stalls is what you hire a coach for.

I would say its too much cardio, but in my eyes all cardio is too much cardio so my opinion doesn't really count.


I'd go along with the comments about working with Shelby. Got good results, although by the end of my cut - I was on keto and doing an hour of cardio, 7 days per week.

Whilst I got on with it and the fat did come off, it wasn't that enjoyable..Id have preferred to eat a little less and do less cardio!


I've hired Phil Hernon and was/am happy with him. His diet is very Zone-diet (40/30/30 c/p/f) and the cardio is minimal, just a little bit after some workouts. He sets the lifting routine up so that it takes the place of cardio somewhat. Some of his responses can be kind of cryptic, but I think the reason for that is he wants to avoid "spoon-feeding"...learning about how YOU respond is a big part of his training.

PM me if you want to know more.


I've worked with Shelby, and the amount of cardio left me feeling drained and miserable. And really, if you look through his articles and Q&A, he spells out exactly what he does with his clients. I say that to his credit, rather than as a dig at him; he is very forthcoming with how he sets up diets.

I would work with Phil Hernon in a heartbeat. The cost is extremely reasonable, he sets you up with nutrition and training, and (from what I've heard) actually educates you in the process (see above post).


oh i agree, after an hour of cardio and no carbs i had no intensity when lifting. i had never really just gone through the motions like that before.

i meant that in the sense that he laid out the plan, so i did it


How are Shelby's prices expensive?

400 bucks for twelve weeks?!

I know dietitians and nutritionists who charge 150 to 300 for ONE face-to-face initial visit and 75 to 150 bucks for follow ups (no email support included).


ever hear of a college student?


Yes, I was once. And I know what it's like to being VERY broke as one. His services are still not expensive, regardless of an individual circumstance, just like $1,000 rent in NYC is considered cheap (unless you like living with one to three roommates at age 25+) despite some not being able to afford it.

If you want to do this that badly, try to save up some money somehow (a week or two of bartending or waiting tables can get you the dough); hire someone cheaper; or just hit the books, calculator, mirror, and scale and do the work yourself (yes, a pain in the ass and more time consuming on your part).


There are guys considerably cheaper than Shelby who have really good track records, both online and in person. From what I've read/seen from others the one or two I'm mainly thinking of seem to be very personable as well. I don't think I could link or get too specific here but if anyone is interested send me a PM


Matt Kroc now does diet consulting.