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Diet - cheese

I’ve read a few posts on here where people are recommending cheese in their diet.
I always thought cheese should be avoided as it contains alot of fat.
Is cheese a good source of protein???

Jay, I’m trying to be REAAAAALLLYYYY nice about this. It’s quite evident that you have a lot to learn. Just go read. Read Berardi’s stuff, read Shug’s stuff, read TC’s stuff, and when you’re done, read everything else. I’m really not trying to attack you, but this is a very basic question that you can answer on your own with a little work.

Enough said…

The End!

Are you the same guy who thought cheese was too high in fat to eat on a HIGH FAT diet?

Is this the M & F board?

Yeah, I think this is the same guy.

Ok guys, I know this guy should have been flamed for this but as I read his question and replies it occurred to me that this board is here for the exchange of info, and all to often replies are READ THIS, or READ that, when it would have been faster and more helpful to just answer the question!

Now I am not suggesting that these individuals should not do some research, I myself have greatly benefited from reading suggested materials, but for some individuals reading pages and pages of info may be to time consuming and/or to complex to take in, and thus asking a question is the only way they can learn.

If it only takes an answer of “yes cheese is a good choice” or “cheese may not be the right choice for your diet” why not help these people out?

I understand it is hard if proper info about the self is not provided, but I am sure these individuals would be grateful for any type of help would.

But if I am wrong then I guess let the flaming begin at me! :slight_smile:

So, hot, you suggest that we give him a fish instead of teaching him to fish?

At least the guy should read the Fat Fast article carefully before asking questions about cheese and “too much fat”. It comes off as being lazy and lazy gets you flamed in this board.

In general, it’s best to avoid full fat cheese since much of that is “bad” fat. However, many diets like the Anabolic Diet and the Atkins (both high fat) use fat from many different sources, alot of it “bad” fat. The T-Dawg diet has recommended some “bad” fats but tried to replace much of the fat content with good fats. Most of the Fat Fast diet is good fat (flax) so a bit of cheese should be fine. It would not be a main source of protein of course.

good show paul! You got me with the give a fish teach to fish :slight_smile:

i agree that lazy seems to be the key to getting flamed here!

again, good show with the fish thing!

Hot, this guy knows so little about what he’s asking that there is no way any of us could give a credible answer to his question.

“Is fat bad?” No, it’s not. At least, not necessarily. Depends on the fat - and what else you’re eating. And what’s your macronutrient breakdown? And what are your goals? And how long have you been on your current training/diet…

“Is cheese protein good?” Well, let’s see…

You see the problem. At least, I hope you see it. And no, no matter what the question is, I think that it would be very difficult to argue that providing an “answer”, sans background, sans thought, is better than providing a source that will enable the person to gain the background and thinking skills for himself.

So please don’t try.