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Diet Check


I’ve basically spent my entire life on a perma-bulk. Now I’m older (32) and I’m bigger, so I think it’s time for me to lean out. Only issue is: I’ve never eaten to lean out before (except for one crash diet for an event). I’m doing an IF-type diet, and don’t want to to get into a whole thing about timing, but I did want to check my overall intake, food choices, and macronutrient ratios.

Stats: 6’0", 220lbs, approx 15% BF, training on and off my whole life, but consistently for 6 years. My goal is to lean out a bit, but in a maintainable way.


Protein: 256g (1024 Cal)
Fat: 84g (756 cal)
CHO: 181g (724)

Food choices:

Top Sirloin Steak
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
Protein sources .75 - 1.25lb/day, depending on source

Raw Almonds 1/4 c/day
Mixed Berries (frozen)snack as desired, likely less than a cup per day.
Mixed greens (as much as I want, really. minimum one big ol salad)
Olive Oil (2 TBS/day)
Balsamic Vinegar (2 TBS/Day)
Brown Rice (2c/day)
Whey protein shakes (2/day)
Whole milk (4c/day)



Food choices look fine. What kind of IF are you trying? Are you going to carb cycle as well (a’la Lean Gains) or just grind it out the same each day?

Do you have a strong preference for Brown Rice? I much prefer eating White Rice and the difference itll make is so negligable Id rather enjoy eating White than forcing down the Brown.

Also Id limit as much as possible the Whey Protein shakes. For fat-loss especially 1 solid protein meal (steak) would be better than 2 whey shakes IMO.

I am not carb cycling. I’m doing a modified Warrior Diet. Been playing with it for a week or so, and it’s pretty damn easy for me to follow. I actually prefer brown rice. I just prefer the flavor.

Also as far as the whey: its just cheaper and easier to get a couple protein pulses during the day with whey

So more detailed plan:

730 Wake
745 Cardio
815 Protein Shake
12:00Lunch: nuts, berries, some fibrous greens
3:00 Protein shake
630 Train (3-4 hours since protein shake)
800 Big Meal

No worries then. Run with it for awhile and check back in if you hit any snags.

Thanks so much

Any other thoughts?

IMO, you should ditch the milk and add another 1/2 cup of almonds instead. Everything else I see looks pretty good. nothing against milk but it may be all the difference when cutting in this diet


I haven’t DITCHED the milk, but I have cut back. I have generally drank about 5 gallons/week of either whole or 2% milk, and for pure muscle building, it’s done me wonders.


I am starting to see visible results after about 2 weeks on this Warrior-type Diet. Scale says I’ve lost about 3 lbs. I don’t really care about scale weight, but that’s just a reference point. Strength has been unaffected. In fact, I hit some PR’s in the past week.

I don’t know if it’s the IF diet, or just making solid food choices that has made the difference. Either way, this type of diet has made it EASY for me to make good food choices. This just fits in so well with my lifestyle and is easy for me to follow, so even if WD isn’t THE optimal lean gains/body recomp plan, it’s one I can actually live with which makes it effective for me.

personally, I follow the paleo diet and works pretty well for me. The paleo diet incorporates occasional intermittent fasting, which works the same way that the Warrior Diet does…I do like a lot of what the Warrior Diet has to offer.

I do sneak in a little more whey than I think is normal for a regular WD during the undereating phase. It’s not per se verbotten in the book… he’s kinda vague on usage, but really pushes his own brand.

So today about 3 oclock, I had just a CRAVING for an english muffin smothered in butter. Not hunger, a craving. I indulged. Damn it was good.

Hows it going?