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Diet Check (W/ Pretty Tables!)


As of this morning, I'm 19 years old, 5'10", and 165lbs. I've been working out for about six months, but I only stopped being an idiot a few months ago. Since then, I've only been eating a clean ~2500 calories a day. Low-carb, and I've been following CT's Running Man program for cardio as well. But I very recently decided that I really don't care about seeing my abs if I'm only 165lbs.

So here I come a-bulking. I pulled some more all-nighters reading articles this weekend, found the Massive Eating diet, and set about amending my nutritional schedule.

The ME calculator says that I should take in around 4000-4100 calories on training days, about the same amount on HIIT cardio days (if I continue doing this 3x a week... what's your experience regarding HI cardio on a bulk?), and a number on my rest days that pretty much equals everything listed minus the three Fast Recovery shakes at the beginning. BTW, Fast Recovery is either Surge or (as I currently have) a Surge replacement for when it goes out-of-stock every other day.

You can probably ignore the unfinished eating schedule on the right side. Right now, I'm trying to fit all these meals in with my fall semester schedule. It's pretty simple to eat right when you?re just working in the summer... but I've never tried to balance this with classes before.

I'm not sure that I even have room for all of this food in my current dorm. In a few weeks, I'll be back in a dorm with a real, manly refrigerator rather than the notebook-sized microcrap I have now. So I might not be able to fit all of this in until that time... but I'll wait until after today's grocery run to make that determination. Perhaps I'll just need to toss out my roommate's tofu and make space.

Take a look at the link below and give me suggestions/criticism... please? I've never really done one of these before.


Happy Birthday!

Go for it... see what happens, and adjust based on results.


Good response. Its all about getting the results and adjusting. Good luck it seems like a sound plan.


Do yourself a favor and take a shirtless picture so we can see the results.

Good Luck and happy eating.


470g/protein / 165 lbs = 2.85
470g/protein / 74.84 kg = 6.28

48% Protein
31% Carbs
21% Fat

There's nothing wrong with a high protein intake, but don't you think this is a little obsessive? NONE of the writers on this site advocate an intake that high, dump some of the protein add in more fat if your scared of carbs.

One serving of veggies? What is this soviet russia?


i would up the carbs too your a skinny guy they wont kill you jsut give you some energy.


I finally did that this morning, actually. (I badly need a camera with image stabilizer) I'll post again in 30-40lbs. :wink:

I hadn't seen that macronutrient ratio before, but now that you bring it up, it does look like mine is way too far from JB's 40C/30P/30F recommendation.

I was able to boost it to 38C/36P/26F by cutting some of my protein, by making a bunch of small changes, and by replacing my MRP drinks with milk (which was just habit, really... my microfridge has no room for milk, so I end up drinking either water or shakes all the time.). Still not ideal, I know. But if you have any specific suggestions, I'm open to them. The revised version is linked below:

As for the veggies... I just don't like green food unless it has Caesar dressing and croutons. Never really have. I'll have to ease into that, starting with the steamed broccoli.


maybe you should check this out


with the amount of tuna you are planning to eat... at least switch to light chunk tuna!


Looks like I'm over the "exposure limit" if I eat a single can of tuna a week. For some reason, that makes me rather suspicious of this site.


Canned (flaked) tuna is one of the safest sources of seafoods you can buy.

That site is almost as politically driven as PETA.


You would not believe how refreshing it is to see someone do exactly what we have been saying.

Your diet looks pretty solid, like the other posters, maybe a bit to high in protien.

You should no doubt make some good gains. Be forewarned though, you should see some fat gain as well, done be discouraged because adding weight unfortunately does include some fat when bulking.

Take some pics and keep us posted.


Just an FYI, Creatine shouldn't be listed as "protein".


I was just going by the supplement facts--they give their Creatine protein content on the label.

If anything on there has dubious info, I'd think it would be the chicken breasts. I really don't know their Cal/Carb/P/F breakdown when cooked. I only know what Tyson claims when they're raw and frozen, and I'm not confident that this is the same by the time I eat them.


Yeah your original plan didn't have nearly enough fat and way too much protein. Eat more nuts (i.e. walnuts/almonds) and drink less shakes. Thats and easy way to do it. You can afford to bulk a little less clean as well, so take advantage of it. Just don't go overboard.

As for veggies- try cauliflower. It's much better than most green veggies. Also- in the freezer section at your local store they have these pre-packaged veggie/cheese combos. Normally they would be too much, but not when bulking. A great way to get those veggies. You could always get some Greens+ as well.


Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into the cauliflower and veggie/cheese combos. Last I checked, Greens+ would push my supplement budget a bit too much, so I'd like to try some cheaper alternatives... like eating the real stuff. :wink:


Eat more solid foods, less protien a little more veggies.