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Diet Changes for Bodyweight Apocalypse?

Hi Christian
I’m following the bodyweight apocalypse program and
For some reason my weight isnt budging and it’s quite frustrating but I’m trying to not instantly cut my calories which I usually always do which I know is wrong.
Instead could i on off days to help fat loss along be to lower my carb intake by say 50g and replace those calories with fat calories ?

I.e reduce carbs from 200g too 150g and replace those 200 calories with 200 calories of fat( 22g of fat) ? .

Also How much volume could I potentially build upto over the 12 weeks to help with either building/ maintaining muscle while losing fat I’m a type 2b and was following the type 2b programme and it seemed to have a fair amount of volume before it got interrupted at the beginning of last year due to covid?.

Any help and advice and guidance is as always much appreciated .

Many thanks in advance

If you keep the same caloric intake (replacing carbs by fat) it will not speed up fat loss. It might lead to a transient weight loss due to less glycogen and water storage in the muscle, but that’s it.

If your weight is not dropping you either have to eat less or exercise more. While playing with nutrients ratio or nutrients timing can have a mild effect, it will not be significant if you keep the same caloric balance.

You can either drop calories or add walking, cardio or something to spend more energy.

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