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Diet Change, TRT to Blast

Hi everyone, i’ve been on TRT for a bit 100mg a week. Im doing my first blast and i am currently doing about 400mg a week. Its been 8 days. Just wondering if people have changed there diet much while blasting.

hey I know this is an old thread but just curious how it all went for you? what did you end up doing cal wise? did you finish your blast? make any gains? and most importantly how much did u keep when u went back to ur trt dose?

I ask bec I am on 200/wk trt and I am doing a 400/wk blast and I am almost two full weeks in. I not only upped my cals quite substantially but I shifted my macros as well. on trt I was 40/40/20 at about ~2k cals. my blast I’m at 3200 cals 45c/30p/25f. never did this before so I’m curious to see if its gonna work.

anyway just thought i’d ask.