Diet, Calories?

Right now im dieting down. I have been losing a steady at least 1% a week, but im also gaining about a pound a week.

Now my question is, How much lower should i drop my calories?

I went each successive week, 2700,2600,2600,2500(this week). and my plan is to bump my cals up to 2800, or 2900 and drop my carbs a little lower.
So for example 2900,2800(no refeads in high calorie
weeks),2300,2300,2400,2400. I will be lowering my carbs and fat and increasing my protien as i go. My main reason for posting this, is that im eating more then CT in his transformation, but i am a smaller person then him 170LB. Origanaly i planned not to go so low on the cals, but i see that CT went pretty low without losing muslce, i’m hoping i can do the same. What are your thoughts?

I am In my 5th week of outlaw training, and then i will be moving into EDT. Right now im probably upper 8%'s in bodyfat, will not no for sure till thursday.


With the progress you are making, you’d be nuts to change anything. Just stay with your original plan until progress slows. Then either add a little more activity or cut a few hundred calories.

Please also take another look at CT’s supplement arsenal - if you’re not on the same program, you will need more food.

Yes, I did take note of his supplments.

I’ll be staring methoxy when i recieve it. That should allow me to drop my cals lower.

I’m at 2500 right now.

I think i’m going to bump to 2800, while dropping carbs, then to 2700 the next week. On the second saturday I’ll re-incorporate refeads. Then I will drop to 2300 for 2 weeks, then finish at 2400 for my final 2 weeks.

Does this sound like a good plan?

I’m afraid to hit a set piont, and I’m afraid of not being able to get to Low levels.

Make that 2200, then 2300 to finish.