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Diet Break/Fix Metabolic Damage


Hey Folks,

I will try to keep it short and clear.

My info:
I’m 27 yo, 6’/180 cm, 87kg/191lb and am following wendler 531 4x per week for over 18 months.

My objectve:
My objectve is to cut another few lb to feel comfortable with my shirt off, not shredded out of my mind, simply lean and strong.

My problem :
My calculated TDEE (so hypothetical maintenance) is 2500kcals, but I have been at a deficit for most of my “lifting career”, eating 2000kcals or less for an extended period of time.

I have been on and off diets, long term low calorie dieting, binge/restrict cycles, and i am sick of it.

I am not huge by any means, but I am a fairly strong and big guy, but I am at the point where I get scared to eat and am getting fat at anything over 2000kcals.

I think this extended starving period has lowered my metabolism.

My question:
I am looking for people with similar experiences, that know of protocols to fix/reset your metabolism in a healthy manner (i.e. without blowing up like a balloon) to get back to giving your body what it actually needs.

All help is much appreciated,


P.S: I have found several online resources but not from sources I trust (Doctor oz BS, skinny girls website, etc)




Thanks for the share!

However I did my due diligence and searched T nation and other websites for
articles before posting.

I already read this article before posting, I like the layout and the
general idea of it, but I was looking for a more specific plan.

Eat less or more, exercise less or more is very subjective…

I am also interested in success stories or testimonials of people In the
same boat.


1- Fix your on and off attitude. Be consistent. You don’t have damage, you have inconsistencies.

2- Your maintenance is 2500 and you are eating 2000… slowly up it. Make small changes. Be consistent.

3- Congrats on being consistent with your work out. That’s half the battle.

4- Check out the logs of people that have been posting for a while. That’s all the testimonies you need.


x2 JFGs advice.
Also every 7-10 days have a large (clean)refeed day say 3200 calories but also really crank up the volume and pace of assitance work on that day or do a very tough and longish HIIT session

Look up the instagram of Joe Donnelly has a lot of quality content on reverse dieting and building your metabolism and generally getting shredded on high calories


Are you referring to a specific plan written for you specifically, meaning your goals, weight, macronutrient breakdown, and training regimen? That would require writing your own diet or paying someone to do it for you.

I believe this right here is what has caused your so-called “damage”. The more one yo-yo’s in intake, and respectfully, in weight, the less efficient the body becomes with caloric intake. This is the reason why a person who has not yo-yo’ed can maintain or reach a desired body composition at a higher caloric amount than someone with similar stats who has yo-yo’ed in the past.

This is why it’s wise to never get too fat in the first place.

Are you REALLY inclined to get fat with 2000 kcal per day at 27 years old, 6’, and 191 pounds with a decent amount of physical activity?!

Of course I do not know, but I strongly believe you are not counting your macros and calories correctly. For my first bodybuilding show, I consumed 1950 to 2150 calories for the last month and I was out of my damn mind! Actually, I was starting to “lose it” when I got into the low 180’s and I am not even a hulking tall guy.

Please, if you can, show us a day’s menu providing 2000 kcal with exact foods and measurements?

And what do you mean by fat? Can you please post a picture of you as a lifter, at 6 feet and 191 pounds who’s been lifting for a year and a half with a decent program of the basics?

I think your discomfort might be uncalled for, but who am I to tell you what body composition you are comfortable with? Seriously, 191 as a lifter at 6 foot and feel sloppy with a shirt off, dude? If you have a decent amount of muscle, then you might actually be shredded just by losing ten to fifteen pounds, which is not much.

In short, I think you’re a bit “off” on some things, with both your diet and view on your own bodily image.

Provide pic and menu.