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Diet Break Down

Just had a few quick questions about my diet break down. I have read through Berardi’s articles on Nutrient Timing and SPWOP 1 and 2, but still had a few questions. I’m at 233 pounds with 13 percent body fat, so that puts me at right around 203 pounds of LBM. I am currently doing John Davies Renegade Training For Football.

My daily break down of nutrients is as follows
Protien: 350g = 1400kcals
Carbs: 250g = 1000kcals
Fat: 100g = 900kcals.

This adds up to about 3300 kcals a day. I usually have a P+C meal when I wake up, and follow it with either two P+F meals or a P+C and a P+F. My real question comes about food during and post work out. I usually dilute 2.5 servings of Gatorade into a 1.5 liter bottle and consume that during my work out, then have 3 scoops of Surge PWO. This equals out to about 110 Carbs and 35 grams of protien in my workout/PWO phase. An hour after my shake, I have a P+C meal of 50g Protien and 75g of carbs (usually chicken breasts and brown rice). Two hours after that, it’s 50g of protien and 27g carbs (chicken breasts and oatmeal). Before bed is a P+F LC Grow shake with some Udo’s thrown in.

So, here are my questions.
1)Should I up the amount of protien during my workout, which is at zero right now.
2) Should I be taking less Surge than I am, or is three scoops enough? I know people such as tampa-terry use LBM to decide how many cals to consume, so if I did the same for my Surge it would mean i was getting too many carbs after my work out, as I tend to try and follow the same principle as T-T.
3)Is 75 grams of Carbs too many in my first meal after the PWO Shake?
4)Shouuld I up the carbs in my second post work out meal?

I have used lower carbs in the second meal mainly because I train at around 5pm and finish at 7, so that meal is usually around 10-10:30 which is somewhat late. I don’t really know how to define my nutriton goals, as I am doing the program and eating the way I am to become a better athlete, not necessarily the same goal that many of the people on this site have (I would imagine most are bodybuilders). Thanks for any and all help.