Diet Around MMA

Guys, I’d like your input on my meal timing around training in boxing and jiu jitsu.

On mon, wed, and fri’s I lift in the AM and train jiu jitsu in the evening. On tues and thursdays, I just train kickboxing in the evenings.

Right now it looks like this for mon, wed, and fri.

Meal 1 (6:00 AM): P+C with some fats (about 15-20 grams)

PWO (7:30-8 AM): P+C

Meal 2 (10:00 AM): P+C

Meal 3 (12:30 PM): P + C

Meal 4 (3:00 PM): P + F

Mela 5 (5:00 PM, pre jiu jitsu): P + C

Meal 6 (8:00 PM, post jiu jitsu): P + C

Meal 7 (10:00 PM): P + F

What do you guys think about this? Anything you’d do differently?

Hey Carter,
Even though I am not a MMA fighter, I am very active in the AM and PM. Usually I train or run in the mornings and by the early afternoon I do a lot of practicing (drums - double pedal drills and hand drills). During those days I like to base my P and C around my training i.e.temporal nutrition with my P and F meals in the evening. However, the days where I have morning workouts and evening rehearsals, I try to have one P and F with some Cs before I go out because I won’t be near a kitchen for quite some time. What I used to have was peanut butter on whole wheat bread with a banana and milk and that did the trick. Recently, I have begun experimenting with more of a shake based P and F with fewer C’s, just to see if I didn’t have to rely on as many Cs - three table spoons peanut butter, one and half cups milk one banana and one tsp wheat bran blended together. My rehearsals last approx two hours long and it usually holds me. Hope this helps.