Diet Approach for the Skinny Fat?

Hello guys, I’m getting started with my beginner workout routine.

I’m a skinny fat (average male physique :joy:). I was wondering wether I should bulk or cut, but I read that It’s possible for a beginner to recomp: putting on some muscle and lose fat at the same time at maintenance calories, as long as you really progress your numbers in the Gym.

I know it won’t optimize fat loss, nor muscle gain.

But Is this a sensibile approach? To stay at around maintenance, eating healty foods (varying), 3 meals a day, with proteina at every meal and really focusing on training for like 6-12 months?

Don’t worry about maintenance… you probably aren’t tracking macros and don’t need to yet either.


doesn’t matter how many meals. total caloric intake is what matters.



To cut through the BS, you can ‘recomp’ for a little while - maybe 3 months - before you start feeling like you’re stagnant. Find a method of training you enjoy, log your training, beat the logbook, and don’t eat like an asshole. Adopt that lifestyle, then reassess when progress slows.


Dr. Mike Israetel of Renaissance Periodization recently posted a YouTube video on this topic. I would watch it and follow his advice exactly.