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Diet Appraisal

Hey! I was wondering if you could look over my diet plan and make some suggestions for me please. I am 18 years old, around 155 lbs and 5’7. I am obviously looking to bulk. I live in Canada, so Biotest supps are fairly expensive, which is why another protein is substituted instead of Surge (I figured around 25g of protein plus 45 grams of carbs with maltodextrin is fairly close to Surge). I also use a fairly generic isolate.

Morning (9:00):
? Whey Protein Isolate Shake (~40 grams)
? Kiwi
? 1 Cup Oatmeal
? 3 Fish Oil Capsules

Workout (10:30 ? 11:45)

During/Post-workout (11:30)
? 2 Scoops of Protein Powder (25 grams protein/ 45 grams carbs)
? Apple
? 5 grams Creatine Monohydrate
? 5 grams L-Glutamine

Afternoon (12:30)
? 1 1/2 Can of Tuna
? 1 Cup Mixed Vegetables
? Some mixed nuts

Mid Afternoon (3:00)
? Fat-free yoghurt
? 1 Whole orange
? 1 can of Tuna
? 1 Glass of Skim Milk

Dinner (6:00)
? Usually chicken/beef
? 1 cup vegetables
? 1 cup pasta/rice or slices of whole wheat bread
? 3 Fish Oil Capsules

Before Bed Snack (9:00)
? Cottage cheese
? 1 Glass Skim Milk
? Whey Protein Isolate Shake (~20 grams)

Bed Time @ Around 11:00

So there it is! I don’t know if I can stomach cottage cheese yet, never tried it (weird texture). But its important, so I’ll give it a shot! This diet is being combined with the Waterbury Method for 4 weeks, then the workout will be modified for another 4 weeks before changing. Thanks in advance!!

Looks pretty good however my suggestion to you would be to switch the afternoon and mid-afternoon meals. You want to have some more carbs in the 2nd Postworkout meal to get the most out of the anabolic window of oppurtunity. BTW many of my clients told me they could never eat cottage cheese and are eaing it and loving it as we speak. Good luck

I think you’ve got a good plan laid out, keep on eating and kick ass in the gym. I personally try to not have more than 2-3 cans of tuna a week because I worry about the mercury contamination.

For Cottage Cheese I like mixing up some vanilla Grow! and oatmeal, nuking it, then mixing in a cup of cottage cheese over it. Add blueberries for extra tasteyness.

So how does the During/Post-workout shake look? It has around 25 grams of protein and 45 grams of carbs, mostly maltodextrin and fructose. I find Surge! difficult to get in Canada, as SND is very expensive (around $50.00 for 10 servings… plus 15% tax!)

Besides Tuna, what other very easy sources of protein are there?

And before bed, is the isolate shake doing anything, or should I have some kind of protein powder with carbs in it, or even a tall glass of milk? Before bed is what I’m really worried about!

Thanks for the great responses! I love this place.

I think the during/post shake looks fine, specially if you say you’re adding malto to it. Besides tuna, I buy a bunch of chicken breasts and either bake them, or throw them into a crock pot, then freeze them in zip locks and unfreeze when you need one.

I think you’re bed time shake looks good, if you want to add something to it try adding some low carb fiber source to slow digestion even further. Flax seeds are a great choice if you can stomach them because you also get the omega-3s.

Everyone is going to need different macro-nutrient ratios but if it were me I would need more fat in my diet, unless the beef/chicken you’re eating is covering that well enough. Again it’s all personal!

Good luck, at your age this is your time to take advantage of your body’s ability to grow.