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diet and workout

What type of workout would be good as a person is dieting, right now I’m doing t-dawg 2.0 and doing a circuit based routine (geared for fat loss and foundation phase) but I’m thinking of droping this workout and trying something else. I’ve heard of meltdown but thinking more ABBH or ovt style workout, any thoughts. Thank You

I like Staley’s EDT:Lose the fat, keep the strenght. I used it when I was on the T-dawg diet with good results.

I would lift HEAVY/low rep if I were you. To preserve strength and lbm as much as possible while dieting. As far as ABBH or any hypeptrophy program, I wouldnt waste the time while dieting. For these programs you should really be on a hypercaloric diet so u can pack on the mass.

Just my 2cc

Well, roc, I’m currently doing Chad Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy program (while cutting – or trying to, anyway). I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I’m in the middle of testing my 1RMs so that I can flip-flop the exercises and rep/set schemes.

Three weeks ago I tested my 1RM on DLs @ 175. Today I pulled 225!!! That’s a 28% increase. My legs were shaking and my grip was definitely the weak link, but I pulled it with perfect form. I’m absolutely blown away.

My Standing Calf Raise went from 335 to 395. I maxed out the stack! My Hammer Strength High Row went from 140 to 170.

So I’m definitely putting on muscle and increasing strength in very short order. I have the energy I need to get through the workouts on about what you’ll be doing on T-Dawg. So goferit, roc!!! You won’t be sorry.

Thanks guys for the replys. Hey Terry would recommend ABBH for someone who has less then 7 months of training, I do know how to do squats and dls. Thank You

roc, I only have a few months more than you under the belt. Been working out since September of 2002.

Just decide upon the exercises you want to do, then test to find your 1RMs. Use a spotter if you need to. And be sure to make form your limiting factor. There are times I pulled or squatted more weight, but if the form wasn’t right, I didn’t accept it as my max.

Once again, repeating, your max effort, the number, is irrelevant. You want a weight that will challenge you. Keep your ego out of the testing process. Better to lift conservatively and realize huge increases the next time you test than to reinforce poor form and risk injury.

Short answer? Yes, even with 7 months under the belt.