Diet and Workout

Since I’m over 35, I guess this belongs here. From now until Christmas, I want to do a new diet and workout program. My diet will be the green faces diet that was here a few weeks ago. I’ll do 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off. Now for the workout: I want to do all complex moves, 2 pulls for each push. No isolations, I want to do full body. Can anyone give a few exerrcises to put in? Here are the goals I want to reach by Jan 1-
current lbs- 266 goal-220
run distance- 1/4 mile goal- 2 miles
waist size 40-42 goal- 36-38
shirt size-XXL goal- XL

This is what I’m shooting for but will not consider it a failure if I only get 1/2 way there because that will give me a new goal for next year. Any thoughts?

Since 5/3/1 is pretty flexable I would sugggest it.(But im a cult member).On diet,try the green diet and see how it works. To be honest dropping 46 pounds from now until the end of the year is possible. But youll find dropping that fast your going to lose alot of lean body weight.

A friend of mine purchased the P90X disc that you see on TV. Down 30+ lbs and well muscled. Ate very clean.

I started the year at 263, now 247 on the way to 233. I have done it before, but now that I am a type II diabetic I will have to keep it off. With the first 16 lbs blood sugar dropped to the normal range. Aerobics, green veggies and weights, aerobics, green veggies and weights etc etc. Boring as poop but it works.