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Diet and Workout Plan - Need Some Help

Alright, I am really looking to get my diet and workout in order, so I can make some progress this baseball off season. I olympic lift with a coach three times a week (Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday).

Obviously, this lifting hits my legs hard (pulls and squats) but I want to add in two days of assistance lifting during the week to make sure my training is balanced. Below is a program I came up with using a few of the articles on here. I obviously realize that this may be put together completely wrong, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

My main goal with these assistance days (2 now, but I could do 3) is functional strength. Size is not my main goal but I know that with a strength oriented program I will still experience growth which I do not mind at all, in fact I would welcome it.

Day One:
DB Bench Press (8x3)
T-Bar Rows (8x3)
BB Curls (5x5)
Hammer Curls (4x6)
Close Grip Bench (5x5)
Lying Ext. (4x6)
Seated Calf Raises (3x12)
Standing Calf Raises (3x10)
Forearm Work

Day Two:
Incline DB Press (8x3)
Weighted Pullups (8x3) [palms out]
Weighted Chinups (5x5) [palms in]
Zottman Curls (4x6)
Weighted Dips (5x5)
V-Bar Pushdowns (4x6)
Seated Calf Raises (3x12)
Standing Calf Raises (3x10)
Forearm Work

OK - I realize that this seems like a lot for two days, so perhaps I should split it up into three days? Let me know what you think of the sets, reps, and exersices per muscle.

As far as my diet goes it looks something like this:

Meal One:

1.5 cups egg whites
1 Cup Oatmeal
1 Cup Blueberries

Meal Two:

6 ounces chicken/roast beef/turkey
2 slices whole wheat bread

Meal Three:

Shake w/:
1 Scoop Metabolic Drive
1 bannana
1 packet of instant, non-flavored oatmeal
4 ounces of light yogurt
1 cups of skim milk

Meal Four:

6 ounces chicken/turkey/roast beef
1 serving mixed vegetables
1 tbs olive oil

Meal Five (post workout):

Shake w/:
One scoop of chocolate Metabolic Drive
One servings of natural peanut butter
1 Cups of skim Milk
1/2 serving fat free cottage cheese

Meal Six:

6 ounces chicken/turkey/roast beef
1 serving mixed vegetables
1 tbs olive oil
5 walnuts

TOTAL PROTEIN: 278 grams
TOTAL CARBS: 285 grams (40g DF)
TOTAL FAT: 136 grams

How does this diet look?
I am currently 6’0 175, and using various formulas etc I have found around the site, I came up with around 3,400 kcals as a good number to put on mass with.

Again, I would greatly appreciate any advice you guys have. Thanks in advance

Firstly, I commend you on the diet and exercise plan you’ve listed - you’ve clearly put in a lot of research and effort into them

You diet looks good to me

As far as the assistance work goes I would normally consider the volume you posted excessive - but if I’m right in assuming you 17 (because of you handle) then I can’t really say

Your at an age where you body can take on huge workloads and still grow so I think you should probably wait and see how your body reacts

While others may disagree, my opinion is that since your already oly lifting 3 times a week I would keep off day workouts to a minimum:

Balancing your push/press exercises, core and rehabing any injured bodyparts i.e. foam rolling etc…

Don’t forget to up your calories either if needed - 3,400 may not be enough considering your activity levels

One thing I’d say, you have 1 exercise for chest and 1 for back (larger muscles), then 2 each for bi’s, tris and calves (smaller muscles)… should have more for the larger muscle groups than the smaller ones.

First off Eric Cressey wrote a book that will tell you exactly what to do. If you read his blog you’ll see how dedicated he is to making better athletes so rest assured that your money will be well spent on this.


Otherwise, you have a weight lifting coach. Why don’t you ask him?

I see the key things that are missing from Olympic lifting are: horizontal pushes/pulls, single leg work, mobility, and cardio.

If you want to be a better baseball player the curls, calf raises and forearm work are not going to help you one bit. Those are bodybuilding exercises. If you cut those from the program you wrote then it also comes down to a much more management workload.

You should probably also be doing some sprinting.

I’m 6’0 and find 3400 to be about my maintenance level. Throw a little activity and you will probably need to shoot around 4k.

Either way, you will see fairly quickly whether this is enough or not.

Your body is different to mine though.