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Diet and Training?'s

Ok before I start I just whana inform you that English is my second language so I’m sorry about my grammar or spelling.

I weight: 79 klg’s
Height: 174

I don’t really know any thing about body fat and how does it work so I don’t know mine. I?ve been working out since 1 year and 3 months now. I’m not really happy with my process I don’t really know if I should start bulking once again or it’s enough cause I don’t like to carry a lot of fat and then I need to work really hard to cut and even though I don’t really know to do cutting program.

I have read the truth about bulking article and it was great but I don’t know how to measure my body fat maibe because my english sucks and don’t know how to follow on the internet articles or should I c a doctor to get my body fat?. I have done the eat what ever you wan’t bulking process then cutting then I found myself lean and small with a lot los of muscle.

How do I know how much is my body fat and how to make it to 10/ and should I and how long does it going to take?. I read in one of the articles that you shouldn’e cheat and eat fast food but I mean come on utleast once a week.

2- Can I just workout with ought a protein shake cause I’ve been taking it since a year now and would like to stop. I just got sick from it.

3- How many times or days do u cheats in your meals?

4- I do MMA and I get tried like in 2 min do you have any ideas or what’s the best thing for me so I don’t get tired so freaking fast. I hate jogging and even though I tried it for 1 month once and I lost a lot muscle.

Can any one plz add me to my msn I have a cam and it would be much easier for you to say how my body look. plzz need your opinions and it would be easier on msn.
sorry for my English I know it sucks.

I hope any of you guys can add me
send me a private message plz so I can give you my email plzzz really need your help with this one cause I can’t put my pictures because of myu old computer but I have a cam though.

You could snap a pic and add it to this thread?

Be prepared for some people to give you a hard time though.

Oh, it’s often helpful to do the work to covert to feet and inches for height and pounds for weight… as many are too lazy to do that for you.

Anyhow, you’ve found a great place for information, keep reading and things will become more clear!

All I need is opinions from any of you guys. I would love to if any one gave me his msn email or any whould like me to send him minDude what hard time u know I’m the man.

  1. get it tested by calipers or hydro. method

  2. Yes sure eat food meat, dairy, poultry, fish, eggs. Protein supp sure make it easy to reach the levels we need though.

3)Me usually once a week sometimes a few sometimes none depends.

4)eat get proper nutrition. Conditioning yes even jogging, things that are long and will get you in condition to go round after round. Dont want to lose a ton of muscle EAT!!!

Strike a balance get top a level higher than you need for rounds etc in conditioning but you dont have to be able to run a marathon. Take time and figure that out. go drag sleds, push cars, hike with a weighted vest on.

Push cars? lol

[quote]alablangy wrote:
Push cars? lol [/quote]

HELL yes no lol about it.

Try it and tell me you dont get a hell of a work out. push the damn thing doen the bock, then attach a rope or chain etc and drag it back. Killer workout.

Dude I have tried that and I’m lifting cars now feels great.

Can any one utleast answer the questions that I made.

[quote]alablangy wrote:
Dude I have tried that and I’m lifting cars now feels great.

Can any one utleast answer the questions that I made.[/quote]

Well lets see I DID!!! thats probably why no one else is its been covered. Your conditioning sucks ass for your chosen sport.

You either need to man up pick something you will do consistantly to bring up your conditioning or well choose to suck and be worn out after a few minutes. There is no easy way around it.

Pick something you will do and do it. Set a timer and drag a sled for 45 minutes, jog, do time lot of it on a bag, go put a pack on your back and climb a hill. Go do hill spints, go swim, you need to bring up your strength endurance for your chosen sport.

Or get damn good and luck and knock out or submit every opponent with your skill and strength in the two whole minutes you have of conditioning before your gassed out.

Simple answer conditioning SUCKS fix it.