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Diet and Training Plan for My Goal?

Hello everyone. First let me show you my info:
Age: 20
Height: 172cm
Weight: 84kg
Experience in gym training: 2+yrs but I’m not serious with dieting and eating rules about mass and fat loss so i look like i never touched barbell :smiley:

I study medicine so i don’t really have free time. So lets ask you some questions so you can help me.
I need training plan (more for fat loss) , 3-4x week, maximum 1 hour, what you would recommend me ?
About diet, should i count calories (my recommended calorie intake to maintain weight - 500) or what should i do ?

That’s all about my questions… if you have more advices , let me know!


This means diet is going to be way, way more important.

For training, pick any program that you like the look of on this site that fits your schedule. Follow it exactly as written, no additions, changes, nothing but what is written.

Just based in the tone of your post I’m guessing what you look like matter more than performance (which is fine) so pick something that’ll do that. The Power Look program by Christian Thibaudeau may be good for you. Paul Carter has some cool stuff too.

Maybe. Some people find it helpful (I do). Some don’t. You’ll need to find out for yourself. If you think the added effort of counting and tracking everything you eat will be too much, don’t.

This is a pretty decent starting point, although I’d just go -300. More sustainable. Plus, you’ll be more likely to get good results from training that way. It does mean you’ll need to count calories though.


Thanks man! On these days counting calories is easy thing. There are lots of websites, android apps that can help about calories.
I will start soon with this.

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I agree. The more you know about what you’re eating, the more control you have. Good luck.

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try this…

Diet: at your age just focus on cleaning up your food choices/cutting out sugar +junk food etc and getting in plenty of protein, greens and good fats