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Diet and Training Log of Begginer

was already writing these down in a notebook but decided i might as well post them here i have watched what i eat for the past week but ill just start with today
7 a.m. 4 egg whites with a serving of whey protein and an english muffin with jam(i know this was weak)
9:30 a power bar protein plus(this was a school day and i found that a power bar was a good way for me to get in my mid morning meal)
12: a patty melt sandwhich(school food i think i shall pack a lunch or start to get the salads from now on)
4: trained:

pull ups 10x3(these are hard for me i think chin ups are what i should be doing i will next time)
decline bench press 4x6 95lbs last reps 100
hammer curls 4x6 25 lbs
seated calf raises 4x6 100 lbs
leg curls 4x6 140 lbs
barbell lunges 4 sets of six lunges per leg 155lbs
around6 right when i got home(had to cook noodles) had pasta with tomato cream sauce and 2 servings of whey

9:00 some asian my mom brought home was upset about this however but i could not cook on my own for my mom has not been to the store in ages but i am getting some chicken and talapia and other lean proteins to cook my self
i am 16 160 lbs have been working out for about 4 months and am on my second week of the Chad Waterbury method

the diet for the weekend went as follows
10:30-woke up and had a fruit smoothie with whey and 2 servings of oatmeal
1-2-rode bike at gym and also rock climbed
2:30- half a chicken breast,salad,and 2 servings of peas
5-other half of chicken and a salad
7:30 spinach and cheese ravioli
9:30 whole chicken breast,banana,peas
11:protein shake

8:soccer match
10:meal at ihop
1:30 salad and whey
6:00 6 inch deli sandwich
7:30 whey protein
8:30 chicken breast with asparagus and rice

7: 2 servings of oatmeal with a bannana and a serving of whey
12: 2 tamales with rice
3:40 protien plus power bar

train here are the lifts
10x3 backsquat 185 lbs
A1 dips at BW
A2 bent over barbell rows 95 lbs
4x6 rep scheme
b1 lying tricep extention 55 lbs
b2 barbbell curls 25 lbs did
4x6 rep scheme however i did do more reps on curls
after training myoplex

6:30 a serving of cottage cheese and grapes
8:30 to fajitas with chicken beef peppers lettuce guacamole and tomatoes and strawberrys
10: serving of whey

here is diet for 5/6
7 a.m.2 servings of oatmeal plain english muffin and serving of whey with milk
12:35 2 servings of ravioli and mixed veggies
340-power bar then did cardio
530- myoplex
830-chicken with potato soup and yogurt
10 cottage cheese with protein
5/7 lifting day
7-2 whole eggs,two egg whites scramled but in tortia with salsa and cheese
930- had a banana between classes
12-chicken strips with zuchini
4-power bar
430-530-train lifts went as follows
bench press 10x3 105 lbs
4x6 rep scheme on following
A1 deadlift at 145 lbs(i really would like to improve on this and improve my form)
A2 military press 65 lbs
B1 standing calf raise at 180 lbs(done on smith machine with a step)
B2 upright rows 70 lbs
Tricep press downs at 55 lbs
at 545-myoplex
730- tuna with yogurt
10-cottage cheese with serving of whey
suggestions and comments encouraged thanks

diet for 5/8
morning-2 oatmeal packets with whey protein
lunch-chicken sandwich, mixed veggies, and a piece of bread
mid afternoon before workout-power bar
ran and rowed on concept 2 machine
myoplex and yogurt after workout
645-soccer practice
8-bowl of spaggeti
7-oatmeal w/ protein
12-4 slices of pizza
4- a power bar
chin ups 10x3 at bw(will add weight next time)
a1 decline barbell bench 105 lbs 4x6
a2 hammer curls 25 lbs 4x7
b1 seated calf raise 100lbs 4x6
b2 leg curls 145 lbs 4x6
barbell lunges 165 lbs 4x10
myoplex right after
9- 8 oz of talapia, rice, and brocali
11:30 cottage cheese and whey protein