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Diet and Training Help !!!!


Ok guys, I need some good advice. All you guys on here is what I wanted to look like 29 years ago but 3 kids and and a wife that wanted everything the Jones had so I worked 7 days a week to get it. No regrets because I got 3 great kids. Now I just got divorced because I was never home for her?? (ok am done ramping over that) Here is my ? I retired out of the union and got a job with this university for something to do. I get free access to the fitness and weight room. What I need to know from all you guys is what kind of diet and what kind of work out should I do to lose some fat and maybe get some musle. Thank you for your help, gr PS sorry for the long post.





ok here's how you start,
keep a log of what you eat, everyday,I mean everything. Then from there you can see where u need to cut and replace with better foods. Now the traing. How long has it been since you last did any workouts?