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Diet and shitty legs

hi guys
ive dieted down from 220 to170 trainig 4 times a week and cardio twice aweek my upper body is looking good but my legs have gone to shit please help

Do Ian King’s “Limping” routines. Check t-mag. And keep in mind your legs will look smaller if you lose a lot of fat. Even fat guys legs look okay, hard, though not cut. So unless you dieted stupidly and lost a lot of muscle, your legs probably have the same amount of muscle they always have. They just look smaller. Anyway, Ian will hook you up.

I agree with TEK, do the Limping series. Eat like a horse too. My favourite body part to train, the one I want to get insanely HUGE, is my legs. I did a mixture of high intensity and moderate volume sets of a few different exercises, and also threw down an ECA stack (raw materials, no commercial blend) about 30mins before I started a session. Now my legs are probably the best part of my body! Of course, I also thought about getting MASSIVE legs day and night, in my dreams, while I walked around, ate breakfast, went to the toilet, all the time… my point, it feels like I kinda willed my legs to get big. And to further that point, don’t underestimate the power of your mind to help you get huge. Cheers.

I use to have pathetic legs. Now I don’t. Here’s how I did it. Train legs twice a week. Hit all leg muscles hard one day, end with quad specific exercises. Three days later hit hamstrings hard. Do this for several months or until progress slows, alternate weeks between 6-8 reps and 8-10 reps. Once every six weeks do one week of 4-6 reps. Remember, you want to lift to failure. I don’t care if you feel like you’re going to fall down after every set. Keep going. If you puke you’re just barely overdoing it. Try not to pass out. Don’t rest for more than one minute between sets. If you can’t hit the rep range for one set, drop 5-10 pounds off each side for the next set. Don’t you dare quit. If you’re taking any less than three seconds from the top of the movement to the bottom, you’re coming down too fast. Don’t bounce at the bottom. Pause for a split second before coming up. Use explosive power when coming up. You MUST warm up for 5-10 minutes and stretch for 5-10 minutes before the workout.

Day one: squats, 4 sets, go deep, keep good form. Walking lunges, 3 sets, holding dumbells, keep your head up, go through the full range of the lunge. One leg, leg extensions, 3 sets, squeeze the quad at the top of the movement. At this point, don’t be embarrased by the minimal weight you will have to use on the leg extension machine.

Day two: Hamstring day. Start with stiff leg deadlifts on a box, four sets, make sure you look up, keep your shoulders “back” and keep your back straight. Move to sumo deadlifts, find out how to do them right, 4 sets. Finish with single leg, leg curls, 3 sets. If you have a partner to lift with, lay down on a bench and do leg curls with a dumbbell between your feet.
Not sure if I’ve left anything out. If it’s easy, you’re not doing something right. You MUST stretch for at least 10-15 minutes after the workout. Don’t hit any other large muscle groups (chest/back/shoulders) really hard while your training legs this way, although don’t neglect them either. Anyone want to add anything??

I don’t know what Choad is getting into but from the start he says it’s mandatory to stretch for 10 minutes before you hit legs. I totally disagree so I’ll back off from supporting the rest of his prescription. I agree with the others in that the “Limping” series is a good place to start but after that I would say to keep it basic. Legs, for me, have always been a mindset thing. Squat, squat heavy, and if that doesn’t work, squat some more. I’m being a bit sarcastic, but pushing yourself with those exercises that are proven to be the best at getting results. By the way, I’m 5’6", 198lbs, 29" legs and squat 580 lbs. Good Luck, Brother!!!

I too had shitty legs. Here is what I did.

Deads 4x12, 10, 8, 8
Rest 2 mins between sets.

Squats 4x12, 10, 8, 8
Rest 2 mins

Leg press 4x12, 10, 8,8
Rest 2 mins

Leg Curls,
rest 2 mins
Have a partner push and hold you legs to your ass for a second each rep

leg extension 4x12,10,8,8

I added an inch to my legs in a month doing this.

#1 drop the cardio, you dropped the weight, now add some leg mass. #2 squat. #3 If you feel the need to do some cardio…DON’T. #4 contrary to what one person stated, you should “STRETCH” after your workout. You do not start to recover until your muscles get back to normal length. It is cool to walk around pumped for a few hours, but, you are not recovering as fast as if you stretched. You can also add stretching before you lift, just don’t do so much as to have an affect on your lifting poundages. Good luck.