Diet and Meal Advice with Allergies?

Hi All.

Hope all are well and meeting their respective goals.

Needing some diet / meal advice - anything and everything would be highly appreciated.

My overall training goals is to add lean muscle mass - however, I have a number of dietary limitations:

Allergies to:
i) All dairy
ii) Eggs
iii) Nuts
iv) Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds.

Any suggestions of work arounds… chicken and rice / Tuna and rice is draining my motivation.

Please advise.

Thank you all for your time

Red meat

Wild game




Seafood other than tuna


Thank you.

Salmon and sweet potatoes is a shockingly satisfying combination.

Burgers for the win.

Stuffed peppers with ground beef are pretty awesome.

Spaghetti and meatballs are a hero’s plate.

Leftover casseroles - whatever is there, throw it in a pan and put hot sauce on it. Never bad.


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That hits the spot at a primal level.

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Oatmeal - a classic - and common man’s breakfast here in Sweden. With the addition of dried apricots, wild berries and bananas you have something great tasting and healthy on your plate. Add soymilk or any non-dairy milk of choice for a feast.

Yeah this would be really great, also tofu can serve your protein intake to make your muscles align.

Thank you.
Great suggestions.

Red meat and organs.

Judging by the allergens you described, most of the above are not good suggestions.

As Double Deuce said, meat and organs are your best bet here. You really should be considering an elimination diet. The good news is that by doing so, you will watch your inflammation come down and your T levels rise. Bring in some carbs if truly needed in fruit and rice but consider meat only initially.

@JamesBrawn007 and @DoubleDuce I just bought some beef livers off of piedmontese’s website, and upon looking up how to cook the stuff I realized I may be in over my head. Either one of you have a preferred go-to approach? I was planning on just throwing them on the grill like steaks, but everything I’m seeing is talking about skinning them, removing bile ducts, cutting away veins, etc.

IMO rare is better for liver. Slightly overcooked liver is boot leather. I don’t know that the taste is better, but it’s far easier to chew and swallow. I’ve never done deveining or anything either. Next time I eat straight liver, I may try frozen and raw (disclosure for food poisoning etc. do your own research). Full disclosure, I get most of my organs ground. A number of the online ranches sell organ grinds with different combinations. I eat a lot of a beef, liver, heart, kidney grind and you can basically just use it any way you would ground beef. Only caution is that with the organs and high fat content it get pretty runny at room temp so it’s best to start cooking it when pretty cold if you want patties. I prefer it to regular beef and even my 2.5 and 6 year old kids love it (we call them super burgers).

Good tip on the grinding. Maybe I’ll look into a grinder. The piedmontese stuff tends to be pretty lean, so I’ll see how that flies. Nice to know you’ve gotten away without deveining.

Agreed. I personally flash fry a small amount and eat with butter/salt. This is purely for nutritional value as I’m not a fan of the taste (who really is?), so I usually shuffle it down first and move onto something more appetising. Same strategy with kidney.

I have found organic chicken livers are much milder in taste compared to other ruminants. Lamb is strong as hell so I tend to eat that less often.

As an aside, my local butcher provides bones for free so I eat pork bones made in the pressure cooker 1-2 times a week. These are a great source of collagen, etc, and surprisingly delicious.

This may sound like a bit of a joke, but I’m serious. Huger is the best seasoning. I do intermittent fasting and I’ll put the things I know I should eat, but generally don’t want to, in first to break my fast. When you haven’t eaten in 20 hours, sardines and liver are delicious. And in my experience it leads to permanent taste changes. It literally makes the stuff taste good and that becomes your mindset for those foods.

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Any special prep, or just heat and eat?


I think it’s fine to marinate in lemon juice, or milk, soy sauce, etc, even if you are trying to be strict carnivore. Personally, I’m not into prep that much and try to just cook everything in one pan.