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Diet and Creatine


I am a 35-yr-old female and I am trying to lose the extra fat, about 20lbs. I am 5’ 3" tall and weigh 148 lbs and currently eating around 1600kcal a day (not counting cal from vegetables): 45% carbs, 35% protein and 20% fat. I have been on a calorie deficit diet since May 2010 and have a cheat every Sunday.

I lift weights and do cardio too. I have been on creatine monohydrate but had to travel for about three weeks and decided not to take creatine during that period but still lifted. My weight started going down so rapidly during the period, without creatine.

Now, since I started taking it again, I gained about 5 lbs eventhough I am on cal deficit and it seems like the scales got stuck and I can’t lose the weight at all. Could it be because of creatine monohydrate?

The creatine, amongst other things, pulls Moisture into your muscles. Hence makeing your body hold extra fluid. Hence the extra weight.

yeah, sounds like youre just retaining some water due to the creatine. if your workouts aren’t intense, you might as well drop the creatine.