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Diet and Cramping

I just started a “fat fast” yesterday. And just now (5 minutes ago) my arms started cramping terribly–I am having a very hard time writing this, as my arms lock up if the get too close to full extension. I trained my triceps today (although not unusually hard) and then, when I was just stretching out my calves 5 minutes ago, I was supporting myself with my arms, and they started cramping. Is this dehydration (I am drinking a ton of water)? I am going to have a glass of milk (as there is a little left in my fridge, and I hope the carbs might help me stop cramping). Does anyone have an experience with this? If this is going to be a regular thing, I do not think I will stick with the diet. As Iam finishing this message, my arms seem to be better…

Water, drink some more.

Are you taking a good multi, it is going to be crucial on fat fast.

Also to help cramping take some ZMA or supplement extra mag and zinc. always helped me.

But you do really need a good multi vitamin, I cant stress that enough. On fat fast there is no way you are getting the amountd you need.

Hope that helps,


It is really easy to overtrain on a fat fast diet. Even a light workout may do more than usual.